What is espresso agent?

What is espresso agent?

Product Description. Espresso Agent specializes in delivering quick & accurate expired listings & FSBO lead contact data for real estate agents, packaged in an all-in-one platform, which includes a crm and dialer, as well as advanced email and video marketing capabilities.

How do I find FSBO leads?

Like many sections of the real estate business, there are plenty of ways to acquire FSBO leads. You can look to apps or web services being used for this purpose like Espresso Agent or RedX, which aggregate leads from common sources such as Zillow, Craiglist, and even newspaper classified ads and public registries.

How much does Mojo dialer cost?

Mojo Sells Pricing Their lead manager user cost costs $10 per user, their Single Line Dialer costs $89 per license, and their Triple Line Dialer costs $139 per license. Mojo charges month per month with no contracts or hidden fees.

How much is REDX monthly?

This a la carte pricing model has choices as low as $39.99 per month, and any paid subscription includes their LMS – Vortex – for free….How Much Does REDX Cost?

App Name Monthly Cost
Storm Dialer $99.99

How do you end a listing presentation?

Listing Presentations: 13 Strategies to Close the Deal

  1. Find out if the seller is interviewing other agents.
  2. Encourage the seller to talk to other agents.
  3. Position yourself as the last appointment.
  4. Learn as much about your prospect as you can —before the presentation.
  5. Encourage open discussion.
  6. Talk listing price last — or at least late in the presentation.

Is Mojo dialer illegal?

Not for nothing, but it’s a violation of FTC call regulations to not answer at least 97% of the calls. Odds are you won’t be caught, but that is completely illegal. It’s also bad business, just dial it down and you’ll piss of less people and not break the law.

How much is Vulcan 7 monthly?

Vulcan 7 runs about $299 a month making it one of the most expensive dialer setups. But when you consider the fact that you get the dialer PLUS the leads, it’s not a bad price.

How do I turn my FSBO into a list?

5 Tips for Converting FSBO

  1. Do not approach FSBO listings on the MLS.
  2. Check newspaper listings, Craigslist, and yard signage for prospective FSBO opportunities.
  3. Meet with your prospects in person FIRST.
  4. Expect to meet with your prospect 3 – 5 times before you win their business.
  5. Don’t sell your services, be of service!

How do I find my MLS FSBO?

Follow These Steps to List Your House On the MLS For Sale By Owner:

  1. Research to Find the Best Flat Fee MLS Broker In Your Area.
  2. Purchase a MLS Listing for a Flat Fee.
  3. Provide Your Homes Property Information.
  4. Upload the Exterior & Interior Photographs.
  5. Sign an Exclusive Agency Listing Agreement.

How do you ask for a listing?

Here are a few tips for a successful listing presentation to help you get better at closing.

  1. Try to Be the Last Agent.
  2. Be on Time.
  3. Be a Personable Businessperson.
  4. Use the Consulting Approach—Ask Questions.
  5. Don’t Talk Listing Price Until the End.
  6. NOW Tell Him What You Do as Service Solutions for His Needs.

What is a listing presentation kit?

Pre-Listing Kits provide potential sellers with all the information they need to know about dealing with you and your real estate agency. A Listing Kit is taken to an appointment to help agents follow a process and help sellers understand key points.

How do you win a FSBO?

5 Strategies to Win Over FSBO Listings

  1. Explain the benefits of listing with an agent. Many FSBO sellers are simply trying to get the most money out of the sale of their home.
  2. Show them the data.
  3. Practice overcoming objections.
  4. Start with a walk-through.
  5. Show them how to sell their home alone.

Can a Realtor advertise a FSBO?

A 2016 Florida Realtors® forum asked: “Can a Realtor® advertise his/her home for sale as a FSBO with no intention of actually selling, but to only attract buyers for the agent’s services?” Answer: No, because it violates the NAR Code of Ethics Article 12, which requires Realtors® to “present a true picture in their …

What Is land voice?

Landvoice provides multiple services for your expired listings: Landvoice adds up to 95% of homeowner phone numbers including cell phone numbers. The individual price is $120/month. Old Expireds : These are expired listings from previous years.

What is Vulcan7?

Vulcan7® is everything you need under one roof. Just log in, get new real estate seller leads daily, and reach home sellers with our built in tools. WATCH VIDEO. LEARN MORE. Industry’s Most Accurate Lead Data.