What is an 8 Kings drape?

What is an 8 Kings drape?

8′ King’s Drapes: These 108″ x 156″ linens are made for an 8′ by 48″ King’s table, and can fit more narrow banquet tables, as well. It can also be used for a 6′ banquet table with a puddle effect. Standard 8′: This is the standard size for an 8′ x 30″ banquet table, which is more narrow than a King’s table.

How can I save money on linens?

Using a “table topper,” a linen that traditionally goes over the floor-length linen and flows to about halfway down the table side, is a less expensive option. These are usually half the price of a full-length tablecloth. Save even more by using them on only half the tables. Avoid delivery charge.

Can you layer tablecloths?

Layering Elements A layered table setting may include a table skirt, one or more tablecloths, runners or mats and napkins. Creating a layered-linen look is much like the process of creating a layered wardrobe.

What are the 3 types of linen?

What Different Types of Linen Fabric Are There?

  • Damask linen. This type of linen is ornate and delicate, and it is formed on a jacquard loom to produce an end result that’s similar to embroidery.
  • Plain-woven linen.
  • Loosely-woven linen.
  • Sheeting linen.

What are the different types of linens?

4 Types of Linen

  • Damask linen. Damask linen is a standard fabric for ornate tablecloths, since this fabric offers the strength of linen with the subtle beauty of something a lot more delicate.
  • Closely-woven linen.
  • Loose weave linen.
  • Plain weave linen.

Is it better to rent or buy tablecloths for wedding?

Buying Table Linens Is A Cheaper Option. There is no comparison: buying your table linens is a much cheaper option than party rentals. Renting your tablecloths, chair covers, and table runners cost an average of 50%-100% more than buying your table linens from LinenTablecloth.

How can I save money on linens for a wedding?

Top 5 Tips for Saving on Wedding Table Linens

  1. Rent the table linens.
  2. Use linens available through your venue.
  3. Buy new or used tablecloths and napkins online and resell them after the wedding.
  4. Make overlays or runners and resell them after the wedding.

How do you order tablecloths?

First measure the length and width of your table. Next add twice the desired drop to each side’s dimension. For example, if your table measures 42 inches wide and 72 inches long and you want a drop of 9 inches, add 18 inches to each side.

How much drop should there be on a tablecloth?

Determine the desired length of your tablecloth drop (how far over your table you want the cloth to hang). At Williams Sonoma, we consider the standard to be 10 inches. Anything less than six will make your table look out of proportion and your linens too small.