What is Aladdin eToken?

What is Aladdin eToken?

About eToken Aladdin eToken provides cost-effective strong user authentication and password management solutions. It provides enhanced security and ensures safe information access; improved password and ID management; and secure mobility of digital credentials/certificates and keys.

How do I format my Aladdin eToken?

To format the eToken, click on the Initialize button and select Start to format the eToken….Download and install the eToken Properties software.

  1. Open the folder containing the SafeNet eToken software.
  2. Double-click the installer to start the install wizard.

How do I install Aladdin eToken?

Insert the Aladdin eToken Pro into a USB slot, if not already inserted. On the Windows taskbar, select and click Start -> All Programs -> eToken -> eToken Properties. In the eToken Properties window, click on Change password. Enter 1234567890 for the Current Token Password.

How do I get to e tokens properties?

Open Start > Programs >eToken >eToken Properties. Right-click the eToken icon in the system tray and select Open eToken Properties. The eToken Properties window opens in the simple view, displaying all tokens that are connected to your computer.

What is eToken Pro 32k?

eToken PRO is a USB device that users can carry with them wherever they go. Digital credentials are securely stored and easily available. “SafeNet’s eToken PRO is a USB-based authentication device that provides strong user authentication and cost-effective password management.

What is SafeNet authentication client?

SafeNet Authentication Client – is a middleware client that manages Thales’ extensive SafeNet portfolio of certificate-based authenticators, including eTokens, SafeNet IDPrime smart cards, USB and software-based devices.

How do I reset my eToken?

Select the Gear icon for advanced view. On the left hand side, right click on PKI Token-ALADDIN-VRSN, and select Initialize Token. In the section Create Token Password, enter you new Token Password and select Start. Select OK to reset all the token parameters.

How do I initialize a SafeNet token?


  1. Open the SafeNet Authentication Client Tools.
  2. Click the Gear Icon on the top right for Advanced View:
  3. Right click your token (may be named differently) and click Initialize Token…:
  4. Choose Configure all initialization settings and policies:
  5. Create a new password for your token.

How do I use eToken?

Step 1

  1. Open the app. Tap Generate token password. You don’t need to be logged on or connected to a network.
  2. Enter your four digit PIN to generate an eToken password.
  3. eToken will generate a temporary password you can use for 32 seconds.
  4. If it expires you can generate another one. Tap Generate another Token password.

What is eToken PRO 72k Java?

eToken PRO can generate and store users’ personal credentials, such as private keys, passwords and digitalcertificates, inside the protected environment of the smart card chip. We are occupied in providing an extensive gamut of Etoken PRO 72k USB Token.

How do I get an e token driver?


  1. Open Internet Explorer -> Click on Tools menu -> Click on Internet Options -> Click on Security.
  2. In “Security” tab (Internet Explorer) -> Select Internet -> Click on Default level Button -> Then Click on Custom level Button.

How do you use an e token?

Open the SafeNet Authentication Client, connect the eToken to your computer. On the top of the page, right click the cog icon (Configuration button). You should now see the eToken listed on the left of the page. Right click on the token name and select Change Password.