What is a Nocaster guitar?

What is a Nocaster guitar?

Historically speaking, the Nocaster was simply a Telecaster with the ‘Telecaster’ part of the headstock decal snipped off in response to Gretsch’s complaints about the name since they had a drum kit called the Broadkaster.

What does the name of the Fender Telecaster refer to?

The name Telecaster came a little bit later and wasn’t Leo Fender’s idea. It was a man who worked for Fender named Don Randall who suggested it, coining the word by merging “television” with “broadcaster”.

Who plays a Nocaster?

Joe Bonamassa
Back in October 2019, Joe Bonamassa teased a Fender Custom Shop recreation of his prized ’51 Nocaster. Now, after a lengthy spell of radio silence, the blues wizard has offered more info on the new signature electric guitar.

When did the Nocaster come out?

The Fender Nocaster came into being in 1951 when Fender were trying to think of a new name for the Broadcaster, after Gretsch Drums complained that it was too close to their own Broadkaster kit. Instead of haulting production, Fender trimmed the word Broadcaster from the headstock decals and sold it anyway.

What is a Whiteguard Telecaster?

The Whiteguard Strat is definitely one of those hybrids, as it marries the biting twang of a Telecaster with the ergonomic contours of a Stratocaster. It starts with a classic ash-bodied Strat. Known for its strong lows and chiming highs, the dense ash boasts plenty of resonance.