What is a malignant phyllodes tumor?

What is a malignant phyllodes tumor?

Malignant phyllodes tumors are a form of breast cancer; however, they are different from more common kinds of breast cancer. Unlike breast cancer which begins in the milk ducts, malignant phyllodes tumors begin in the connective tissue that surrounds and supports the ducts and lobules of the breast.

Can phyllodes tumor cause death?

Overall, 8.7% experienced local recurrence, 4.4% distant metastasis, and 3.8% cause-specific death. With respect to individual subgroups, 5-year outcomes for women with benign, borderline, and malignant phyllodes tumors were as follows: Local recurrence – 6%, 9%, and 21%, resectively.

What percentage of phyllodes Tumours are malignant?

Phyllodes tumors of the breast are commonly classified as benign tumors and rarely as borderline or malignant tumors [2,3,9-11]. The low incidence of phyllodes tumors could explain why the percentage of malignant phyllodes tumors reported in literature varies from 8% to 45% [12].

What do phyllodes tumors feel like?

Phyllodes tumors are usually felt as a firm, painless breast lump, but some may hurt. They tend to grow large fairly quickly, and they often stretch the skin. Sometimes these tumors are seen first on an imaging test (like an ultrasound or mammogram), in which case they’re often hard to tell apart from fibroadenomas.

Can phyllodes tumors cause pain?

Even though most phyllodes tumors aren’t cancerous, they can grow and cause pain. If the tumor breaks through your skin, you might see an open sore on your breast.

What does a phyllodes tumor feel like?