What is a Linx account?

What is a Linx account?

You may request a LINX account. An account will enable you to electronically file documents, confirm and strike proceedings, and more. LINX Help Desk: 253-798-7757.

How do I verify a hearing in Pierce County?

Hearings must be confirmed by noon, two (2) court days prior to the hearing date or your hearing will be cancelled. In Person: Go to Commissioner Services Department in Room 140 of the County-City Building, Tacoma, Washington and inform them you want to confirm your hearing.

Where do I go to file divorce papers in Pierce County?

1. Where do I get dissolution papers? Washington Pattern Forms are available in the Pierce County Law Library at the County-City Building or on the Washington State’s Courts website. Dissolution ‘kits’ with forms are also available from some office and legal supply stores, legal messenger services and book stores.

How do I get a Linx card?

Get your Linx Card As a special promotion, Simcoe County Linx will be distributing the Linx fare card for free! Get your Linx Card at the following locations: County of Simcoe – Administration Centre – 1110 Highway 26, Midhurst. Or on the Linx bus.

Are Washington state court records public?

No. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) maintains state criminal history record information. Click here to order criminal history information. Clerks at the municipal, district, superior, and appellate courts across the state enter information on the cases filed in their courts.

What is Superior court in Washington state?

Washington Superior Courts are courts of general jurisdiction. These courts have “exclusive jurisdiction for felony matters, real property rights, domestic relations, estate, mental illness, juvenile, and civil cases over $50,000”. In addition, these superior courts hear appeals from courts of limited jurisdiction.

How much does a divorce cost in Pierce County?

Enter your information online. Pay the divorce online case processing fee ($249).

Is Washington divorce Online legit?

This can prevent major headaches down the line and can give you peace of mind in a difficult situation. Online divorce is perfect for people who want a quick, painless way to divorce that is recognized as legitimate by the state of Washington.

Where are Linx cards accepted?

There are over 18,000 merchants throughout T that accept payment via LINX® so just look for the LINX® logo. At any RBC, First Citizens, Republic Bank, Scotiabank, Eastern Credit Union, Bank of Baroda, JMMB and CIBC First Caribbean ATMs, once the LINX® logo is displayed.