What is a king vision?

What is a king vision?

King Vision has been designed with the intention to make a revolutionary series of high performance portable video laryngoscopes. The King Vision combines the convenience of a durable, reusable video display with a disposable blade at a price that’s affordable for all of your intubations.

How much does a GlideScope go Cost?

The mean (SD) monthly costs for GlideScope blades were $3837 ($1050) and $3236 ($538) for years 1 and 2, respectively, vs $1652 ($663) and $2933 ($585) for McGRATH blades (P< . 001). Most total cost differences were attributed to equipment and blade purchases, which were $202 595 (65.0%) higher for GlideScope.

Who makes the king vision?

King Vision™ Disposable Standard Video Laryngoscope Blade, Size 3. By: AMBU INC. Product Features: The King Vision® standard video laryngoscope blade is individually packaged providing new CMOS optics, LED light and anti-fog lens in every blade.

What is a difficult intubation?

What is meant by ‘difficult intubation’? If we consider the definition of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), a difficult intubation is ‘an intubation during which the insertion of the endotracheal tube takes more than 10 min, and/or requires more than three attempts by an experienced anesthesiologist’.

Who makes Glidescope?

the Roper Technologies family
We joined the Roper Technologies family (US ticker symbol ROP) in December 2009. Our three core brands: GlideScope®, BFlex™ and BladderScan® have achieved worldwide recognition as industry leaders in the airway management, single-use bronchoscopy, and bladder volume measurement device markets.

How much does the king vision cost?

Pricing and Overall package. The King Vision is sold by Critical Assist in Australia for the delivered price of $1100 approximately. This is what you get for that money. A kit with the monitor display and 4 disposable blades ( 3 channeled and 1 standard).

Is the king Vision video laryngoscope the perfect view for intubation?

Now on to Minh’s review… The King Vision video laryngoscope is the latest in a long series of devices that claim to provide the “perfect view” for intubation via use of video and digital technology. I chose to purchase one to test it, having personally reviewed a number of the major players earlier this year at an airway conference in Australia.

Is the king vision a reusable scope?

It has a reuseable monitor that attaches to disposable blades. In some respects this is a similar approach to the Pentax Airway Scope which has a reuseable monitor and disposable blades. Where the King Vision differs is that the LED light and CMOS camera are mounted on the disposable blades.

How is the king vision different to other cameras?

Where the King Vision differs is that the LED light and CMOS camera are mounted on the disposable blades. This makes the design simpler to use as you essentially just have to connect the two pieces together by simply sliding them into each other.