What is a DD 2345 form?

What is a DD 2345 form?

In order to obtain a DD Form 2345, an organization is required to have a cage code. An organization must register in the System for Award Management (SAM) in order to obtain a cage code.

Who needs a DD 2345?

DD Form 2345: Select “DD-2345” if FSU’s DD Form 2345 is needed: (1) for DoD solicitations that involve access to export-controlled data, (2) for conference/meeting attendance with export-controlled material/data, (3) for export- controlled technical data exchange between vendors, (4) to obtain Request for Proposal (RFP …

What is the purpose of a DD2345?

The Military Critical Technical Data Agreement (DD2345) is the institutional form the University fills out to register in the Joint Certification Program (JCP).

How do I get JCP certified?

You may contact the Joint Certification Office directly at: [email protected] DD Form 2345 new submissions/revisions/renewals….Your request must include:

  1. The purpose of the visit.
  2. Date and time.
  3. Location and point of contact at the facility.
  4. List of personnel.
  5. Citizenship information; and.
  6. A copy of the JCP Certificate.

What is military critical technical data?

About militarily critical technical data MCTD is a type of unclassified technical data. It is used to produce military or space equipment and related technology. It is considered “militarily critical” because unauthorized access could pose a threat to our national security.

What is JCP certified?

The United States/Canada JCP was established in 1985. It allows contractors access to unclassified military technical data which is used to produce military and aerospace equipment or related technologies. JCP certification is important because companies with it are the only ones provided with this type of data.

What is JCP registration?

It is the stated policy of the US Department of Defense to purchase as much as possible form US based or Canadian based companies. Accordingly, the DOD established the JCP program in 1985.

What is joint certification?

For the purposes of the Agreement “Joint Certificate” means a certificate or other document evidencing insurance accepted under the Agreement on behalf of Lloyd’s Underwriters and which also evidences a proportion of the insurance accepted for other Lloyd’s Underwriters or insurance companies.