What happens when an insurance company comes after you?

What happens when an insurance company comes after you?

Insurance companies, after realizing you won’t accept their first offer, may start to ignore you or intentionally delay your claim – by losing paperwork you have already submitted, transferring you to a different agent or not returning your calls.

Can an insurance company drop you after a claim?

Auto insurance companies may drop you as a customer if you submit a claim following an accident — but the good news is that you’re more likely to face a nonrenewal rather than a cancellation.

Can auto insurance companies drop you?

Can car insurance companies drop you? Car insurance companies can cancel, or “drop” your coverage, although you will typically be given enough notice to obtain a new policy. Your car insurance company will likely send you a letter explaining why your coverage has been dropped.

What is a declaration page insurance?

Your declarations page is an official document and verifies your coverages, limits, and the insured(s) named in the policy. It is updated when changes are made during your policy term. For example, if you add an endorsement, your insurance company will update the dec page and send you a revised copy.

Why choose US agencies for car insurance?

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Why USAgencies for auto insurance?

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How do I request an auto insurance quote from USAgencies?

When you request an auto insurance quote from USAgencies, our experienced experts do all the leg work for you. Starting January 1, 2020, USAgencies is offering lower rates on car insurance to Louisiana drivers. Request a free car insurance quote online or by calling (800) 420-3712, and find out how much you can save on Lousiana car insurance.

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