What episode of House does Chase Punch House?

What episode of House does Chase Punch House?

Ignorance Is Bliss
A man with IQ 178 works as courier and collapses in a bookstore. House is still playing his games for Cuddy’s attention. Chase punches him.

What episode does Wilson Punch House?

Transplant (House)
Transplant (House) – Wikipedia.

What happened to House in Season 2 Episode 24?

As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vincent, a man with a massively swollen tongue and a high temperature, a disgruntled former patient named Jack Moriarty walks into House’s office and shoots House twice with a handgun.

What episode of House does House get hurt?

The story behind his leg injury was finally explained in season 1, episode 21, “Three Stories”, where it was revealed that House’s leg injury was caused by an infarction that eventually got so bad doctors suggested amputating.

What was House IQ?

House is considered one of the best doctors in the world. There’s no way 110 even begins to approach House’s IQ. 110 is not even 1 standard deviation above average iq (100 points).

Does Chase go to jail on House?

Although seemingly small, House was genuinely trying to save Chase from getting hurt like he did with Cuddy and having to serve a year in jail because he had to crash a car in Cuddy’s house to move on.

Does House save the lungs?

House finally realises that the dead boy inhaled too much smoke. His friends were smoking cigars and the white blood cells overreacted. He has one last metaphor for Park – they need to “go nuclear” and irradiate the lungs to save them. The lungs are saved and Vanessa gets the transplant just in time.

What happened to the guy with the swollen tongue on House?

While House is doing a differential on a patient with a badly swollen tongue, a man claiming to be a former patient of his comes in and shoots him twice. House wakes up in intensive care and finds Cameron next to him.

Why did Jack Moriarty shoot House?

House woke up Moriarty while he was diagnosing the guy with the swollen tongue so that he could watch him save a life, he couldn’t do that if Moriarty had killed him. Moriarty told House that he shot him because of his wife.

What episode does House electrocute himself?

In “97 seconds”, episode 3 of season 4 of House M.D., House electrocutes himself by putting a knife in socket.

Which episode does House heart stop?

4X03 97 Seconds One of House’s clinic patients who had recently been in a car accident stuck a pocket knife in an electrical socket, stopping his heart.