What does red Kryptonite do to humans?

What does red Kryptonite do to humans?

Red Kryptonite. Red Kryptonite is a mineral from the planet Krypton that removes inhibitions from Kryptonians and humans alike making them reckless, evil, and dangerous.

What does red Kryptonite mean?

Red Kryptonite was once Green Kryptonite that passed through a mysterious red-hued cloud en route to Earth. Red Kryptonite inflicts random effects on Kryptonians, typically creating an initial “tingling effect” in those affected.

Is there a red Kryptonite?

Red Kryptonite is a varietal of Kryptonite. It has various effects on Kryptonians. In the Silver Age comics and Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, it has a different effect each exposure to the Kryptonian; in Smallville, it removes their inhibitions.

What are the different colors of Kryptonite?

Whether its green, red, blue, gold, silver, orange, pink, or even periwinkle… each of these rocks has a different effect on Superman and other Kryptonians. In this article, we’ll break some of them down for you and let you know just what each one does to the Man of Steel when he comes into contact with them.

What color of Kryptonite is not harmful to Superman?

Clear kryptonite is green kryptonite that has been neutralized of all radiation. It is harmless to everyone, including Kryptonians. Both Kal-El’s ship and Bizarro have transmuted green kryptonite to clear kryptonite.

Where did Lex Luthor get red Kryptonite?

There was a time when Mxyzptlk made Red Kryptonite for Lex Luthor during one of his many ‘games’ he plays with Superman. This Kryptonite, based on 5th Dimensional magic, only had power if Lex did not tell Superman where he had gotten it.

What is the strongest Kryptonite?

4 GOLD KRYPTONITE – POWERFUL Gold K can be argued as perhaps the most dangerous of all Kryptonites because of its irreversible, permanent effects on Kryptonians. Exposure to Gold Kryptonite may not destroy Superman, but it will strip away his superpowers forever.

What does Pink Kryptonite do?

Pink Kryptonite is a type of Kryptonite that seemingly turns Kryptonians homosexual. It is unknown what it would do to an already homosexual Kryptonian, although one could assume it would render them heterosexual.