What does Lishkara mean?

What does Lishkara mean?

shine, glitter, brightness.

What does Laung mean?

clove variable noun. Cloves are small dried flower buds used as a spice. /launga, laung/

What is Lachi?

Lachi people, an officially recognized ethnic group of Vietnam. Lachi River, Maunabo, Puerto Rico. Lachi Tehsil, in the Kohat District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Lachi (Rural), an administrative unit in the tehsil. Lachi (Urban), an administrative unit in the tehsil.

What do you call Laachi in English?

What are the meanings of Lachi – لچی in English? Meanings of the word Lachi – لچی in English is prostitude.

What is Jeera English?

In Indian English, jeera is the same as cumin.

What is meant by Lachimolala?

The word Lachimolala has no meaning in English Dictionary. The word ‘Lachimolala’ does not exist in the English language. It was mistakenly pronounced by a KPop member Jimin who belongs to the most popular KPop boy band, Bangtan Sonyeondan.

What is the meaning of Lachimolala in Korean?

That’s “I purple you,” a saying meaning more than “I love you.” There’s even an anniversary celebrating the creation of “I purple you,” which V first explained the meaning of during the BTS 3rd Muster in November 2016. “I wish I could see you for a long time just like the meaning of purple,” he said.

What is Choti Elaichi in English?

Choti ilaichi is known as green cardamom in English. Green cardamom comes from the species Amomum subulatum.

What is Safaid zeera?

The white cumin seeds (Zeera Safaid, safaid Zeera) are a pungent spice with a strong, warm fragrance and distinctive harsh flavor owing to their high oil content. Cuminum Cyminum is the scientific name for cumin “seeds,” which are actually tiny dried fruit from an annual plant in the parsley family.

What is Kasoori?

Kasoori methi is sun-dried fenugreek* leaves (Trigonella Foenum Graecum). They are used in Indian cooking and taste similar to a combination of celery and fennel with a slightly bitter bite.