What caused the 100 car pile up in Texas today?

What caused the 100 car pile up in Texas today?

The pile up occurred early this morning and was likely caused by icy roads caused by a cold weather system across the central and northern parts of Texas. The mass accident occurred on Interstate 35 West.

Where in Texas was the car pile up today?

FORT WORTH, Texas – A small private ceremony was held to honor the victims, survivors and first responders involved in a deadly pileup in Fort Worth. Friday marks one year since the crash on Interstate 35W near Northside Drive.

What caused the car pile up in Texas yesterday?

Police confirmed that the massive crash was due to the treacherous weather conditions. Police officer Daniel Segura told CNN: “The weather conditions are definitely a factor in this massive multi-car accident.”

What caused the highway pile up in Texas?

The conditions were caused by the winter storm sweeping across the country. The winter storm has caused damage to roads, power lines and other services in Texas. The winter storm that’s hitting the country with frigid temperatures and icy precipitation caused two major highway crashes in Texas Thursday night.

What caused the Fort Worth pile up?

The Fort Worth pileup, in all reality, requires no in-depth investigation. Simply put, this event was a result of freezing rain bridge icing.

Where was the big accident in Texas?

Two Canadian students were hospitalized in critical condition. The National Transportation Safety Board sent an investigative team to the crash site in Texas’ Andrews County, about 30 miles east of the New Mexico state line.

How many people died in the Texas car pile up 2021?

Six people
12, 2021. A preliminary report released Wednesday by the National Transportation Safety Board has new details about the chain-reaction crash that occurred in February on Interstate 35W in Fort Worth. Six people were killed in the Feb. 11 pileup involving nearly 130 vehicles, including several 18-wheelers.

When was the pile up in Texas?

On Feb. 11, 2021, six people died in a pileup involving more than 130 vehicles along I-35 near Northside Drive. The frantic 911 calls streamed in one after the other.

How many cars were in the Texas pile up?

Officials said 133 vehicles were involved, and the crash spanned a half-mile between Northeast 28th Street and Northside Drive. When emergency vehicles arrived, the accident scene was still expanding, Davis said.

What caused Fort Worth pile up today?

Where did the accident happened in Fort Worth?

FORT WORTH, Texas – One person was killed, and two others were injured in a fiery crash Tuesday night in southwest Fort Worth. It happened around 11 p.m. on eastbound Interstate 20 near McCart Avenue. Investigators said a car struck an SUV from behind and the SUV caught fire.