What book is Matthew Fairchild from?

What book is Matthew Fairchild from?

Character profile for Matthew Fairchild from Chain of Gold (The Last Hours, #1) (page 1)

What is Lucie Herondale power?

Demonic magic: Lucie is said to have special “talents” due to inheriting some demon blood from her mother. Her power allows her to see all kinds of ghosts and command them to do her bidding.

Is Anna Lightwood a girl?

Anna is genderqueer, but biologically she is a girl, so she.

Why is Cordelia called Daisy?

Later she realized that Daisy was a nickname for Margaret because the French for daisy was marguerite, and Cordelia felt an awful fool. James clearly knew at the time, but he was too kind to say so. Instead, he said, “Why shouldn’t we call you Daisy, if you like it?”

Is Matthew Fairchild in love with Lucie?

She is worried that Matthew is interested in her because she doesn’t want to hurt him with her lack of mutual feelings, but as James says, and we should listen to him, “You don’t owe your feelings to anyone.” By the end of the book, Matthew isn’t interested in Lucie, either.

How is Matthew Fairchild related to Clary?

Matthew Fairchild’s relation to Clary | Fandom. Because Granville’s father shared his name, being great-grandfather to Clary via Jocelyn, I would asssume that would mean that Matthew Fairchild, Charlotte and Henry’s son, would be Granville Fairchild I’s father, making Matthew her great-great-grandfather.

What are Anna Lightwoods pronouns?

She has famous absinthe parties. While Anna Lightwood is genderqueer, the series is set in a time period where the term, and the modern considerations such as gender-neutral pronouns, were still non-existent. According to a found family tree, Anna died in 1941 at the age of 56 or 57.

Who does Alastair Carstairs end up with?

For his travel year, Alastair chose to go to Paris because he remembered the city as somewhere he and Cordelia had been happy growing up. There he met Charles Fairchild, who was managing the Paris Institute at the time, and fell in love with him.