What animals are extinct in Arkansas?

What animals are extinct in Arkansas?

Extirpated animals have been removed from the state but may exist elsewhere. Arkansas examples include the buffalo, the gray wolf, and the red wolf.

Are there any endangered species in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, twenty animals are endangered, eight are threatened, and four are candidates. The endangered animals are two types of crayfish, one type of beetle, eight mussels, one fish, four birds, three bats, and the Florida panther. The threatened animals are a snail, a mussel, three fish, a reptile, and two birds.

What are the 15 species that went extinct in 2020?

Here are the 15 extinct species:

  • Barbodes disa—last seen in 1964.
  • Barbodes truncatulus—last seen in 1973.
  • Barbodes pachycheilus—last seen in 1964.
  • Barbodes palaemophagus—last seen in 1975.
  • Barbodes amarus—Last seen in 1982.
  • Barbodes manalak—Once a commercially valuable fish, last seen in 1977.

What are 3 endangered species in Arkansas?

Federally listed species in Arkansas

[show]Endangered animal species in Arkansas
Status Species
Endangered Sturgeon, pallid Entire (Scaphirhynchus albus)
Endangered Tern, least interior pop. (Sterna antillarum)
Endangered Woodpecker, ivory-billed Entire (Campephilus principalis)

What is the most endangered animal in Arkansas?

This list combines species from several endangered species lists.

Species Name Group
1. Alabama Shad Fishes
2. Alligator Snapping Turtle Reptiles
3. American Burying Beetle Insects
4. Arkansas Fatmucket Clams

Are otters protected in Arkansas?

Unregulated trapping led to the decline of otters until regulations were enacted to limit over-exploitation. In 1915, the General Assembly established “A State Game and Fish Commission To Protect the Game and Fish and Fur-Bearing Animals of This State And To Regulate The Killing and Taking of Game.”