What age is Audrey in Coronation Street?

What age is Audrey in Coronation Street?

Audrey Roberts was born on 23rd July ‎1940, making her 81-years-old. Audrey is the mother of Gail Rodwell, who she had when she was 17-years-old, and Stephen Reid, who she had when she was 15. She is also the grandmother of Nick Tilsley, Sarah Platt and David Platt, and the owner of Trim Up North on Victoria Street.

What age is Barbara Knox?

88 years (September 30, 1933)Barbara Knox / Age

What age is Rita in Coronation Street?

While Corrie character Rita’s age is not specified in the soap, Barabra Knox’s age is 87-years-old. The actress was born in Oldham, Lancashire on 30 September 1933.

Who has been in Corrie the longest?

As of 2022, William Roache holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-serving actor in a television soap opera, having played Ken Barlow on Coronation Street since 1960.

What age is Ken Barlow?

His character Ken Barlow is thought to have been born on 9 October 1939, which would make him 80-years-old.

What age is Gail in Coronation Street?

Although Worth was 23 at the time of her casting, the character of Gail was supposed to be 16 when she first appeared.

What age is Kevin Webster?

Michael Robert Turner, known by the stage name Michael Le Vell, 53, was born December 15, 1964, and is an English actor. He is best known for playing garage mechanic Kevin Webster on Coronation Street since 1983. Michael began his acting career in the Oldham Theatre Workshop.

Who is Barbara Knox husband?

John Knoxm. 1977–1994
Denis Mullaneym. 1954–1977
Barbara Knox/Husband

Did Rita marry Alec?

In July 1998, Alec saved Rita Sullivan’s (Barbara Knox) life after discovering her unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning in her flat. It was caused by a faulty gas fire that Steve had fitted. The two subsequently became close, and Alec proposed to Rita.

What is a soap actor?

n. 1 (Brit) slang a person who is regarded as unintelligent and imposed upon as a stooge or scapegoat. 2 the N.Z. term for → Joe Bloggs. metallic soap.

Is Coronation Street ending?

Prior to its first cancellation of 2022 for the third round of the 2021/22 FA Cup, Coronation Street was last cancelled in 2021 when ITV broadcasted the delayed Euros 2020 games and before that when it was announced Prince Philip had died last year and now the soap is set to have another shake-up.

What age is Ken Roach?

89 years (April 25, 1932)William Roache / Age