The Process of Essay Writing

Almost all academic work has a clear structure and plan. Yeah, almost all, because the essay doesn’t suggest that. This is the main difficulty of students in the process of writing essays, which pushes them to seek help from type my essay. But if you take a little time to understand all the details of the essay writing process, you can easily cope with this task without the help of essay writing services.

In this article, you will find some tips and rules that will be useful in the process of writing an essay.


It is with her choice begins the process of writing an essay. Choose an interesting topic for the essay, but do not forget that it should be familiar to you. It is unlikely that you will be able to write a noteworthy essay on a completely unfamiliar topic. Adequately assess your ability to argue your point of view on the issues within the chosen topic.

So, to sum up, the topic should be:

  • interesting;
  • relevant;
  • familiar to you;
  • optimal in volume.

Personal statement

In the process of writing an essay, you need to express only your thoughts and feelings, it is unacceptable to use examples of other works or write on a template. Study the information material at your disposal on the topic and present it taking into account your attitude to the problem. Use introductory speech constructs that indicate that you are expressing an opinion.

In essays, you can use quotes from other authors about the problem under consideration, but only as a counterargument, to which you must oppose your opinion and defend it.

So, in the process of writing an essay:

  1. It is necessary:
    • To express your opinions and views on the problem;
    • To defend your point of view with the help of arguments;
    • To express your views on the counterarguments.
  2. You can not:
    • Use templates;
    • Write borrowed phrases or rewrite someone else’s text;
    • Use the opinion of other authors, only if you do not write it as a counterargument.


If you do not know where to start writing an essay, you can recommend starting to make a plan for writing an essay. The plan reflects the future structure of the essay, it determines how to write an essay, is its framework. It is impossible to understand how to write an essay without first making a plan. Although the plan may change in the course of work before you write an essay to make a plan is necessary.

To make a plan, you need to study the topic. Once you are well versed, you need to view the literature that is suitable for the subject. Only then do you need to think through the theses and arguments that just need to be displayed in the plan.


When you’re ready to start writing your essay directly, don’t delay the process, start it. Express your thoughts and information sequentially according to your plan and structure. It is necessary:

  • to study in detail the available material;
  • to understand the features of the chosen theme of the essay;
  • to write out everything that seems necessary and interesting related to the topic;
  • to formulate your thoughts and ideas;
  • initially write an essay on a draft that will improve the text later;
  • to analyze the content of what was written.

Checking your essay

This is the final stage of the essay writing process, which involves checking the style and literacy, essay composition, consistency and the sequence of the material, as well as making changes if necessary.

Design of essay

It is important to devote time and attention to the design of the essay because it is also one of the criteria for evaluating your essay, which in addition to the main text must include:

  1. Title page. There are a lot of options for the title page design. To choose the most suitable for you, contact your teacher and ask him to tell you what are the requirements for the title page of the essay in your educational institution;
  2. List of sources used. If you used quotations from other authors in your essay, the list of sources must be compiled. It is written on a separate sheet and placed at the end of the essay. Here you must specify all the sources that you used when writing the essay, its authors and years of publication. It should be arranged in alphabetical order. Usually, complete the list of references used online resources.