Should I allow Truecaller to access contacts?

Should I allow Truecaller to access contacts?

Without allowing contact access you won’t be able to use the following features: Our dialer! Smart Call History replaces unknown numbers with real names and pictures in your call history, even for numbers that are not saved in your contacts. Save contacts directly in Truecaller.

How do I get my contacts from Truecaller?

Step 1: Launch the Truecaller app on your Android phone. Step 2: Then tap on More the 3 lines menu on the top left. Step 3: Now tap on Settings and then Backup. Step 4: Enable Backup and follow the instructions.

Is it safe to give permission to Truecaller?

NEW DELHI: Truecaller on Tuesday asserted that its app is safe for use by the public as well as military personnel after the Indian Army added it in the list of 89 banned apps. The company termed its inclusion in the list disappointing and unfair, and emphasized upon its Swedish roots.

Do my contacts get notified when I join Truecaller?

When you verify and set up your account on Truecaller, your contact information is not visible to anyone who doesn’t already have it. Anyone who searches for you by name or wants to see your phone number will have to get your permission first.

Can someone get my call details without my permission?

It’s not possible. This should not be made otherwise someone will enter your number and they will get your each and every details like Balance,Call Details,Call Duration,Your Name,address, everything because you have linked the Aadhar card while purchasing your details.

Can blocked contacts see my last seen on Truecaller?

Since Truecaller runs in the background all the time, the last seen means the last time you were last seen on your phone. The only case where you won’t be able to see the status is if they are not on Truecaller or if they have turned off their ‘Last Seen’ feature.

How do I know if someone viewed my profile on Truecaller?

If you click on the notification or click on “Who viewed my profile” in the navigation area of the app, you’ll be able to see the profile of the person who viewed your profile. You can always control who views what information on your own profile by going to the ‘Privacy Center’ in the Settings of your Truecaller app.