Is Zero a good TV show?

Is Zero a good TV show?

Zero is a fun superhero show that’s not only grounded in real life, but explores a population that hasn’t been represented in Italian shows to this point. The series has maintained a good balance between social issues and a meaningful story that easily resonates with the viewers.

Does Netflix have Zero?

Watch Zero | Netflix Official Site.

Where is Zero Netflix filmed?

Zero is the sixth made-in-Italy series for Netflix, including the dramas Suburra: Blood on Rome and Baby, both filmed in Rome where the streaming giant has set up a base near Via Veneto.

Is Zero Cancelled?

One of the topics in the interview was about Zero where Andreatta announced that there will not be a second season saying (translated via Google Translate): “We are happy with the results in terms of communication and content but he had fewer fans than we expected, there will be no second season”.

Is Netflix Zero Cancelled?

Zero is a 2021 Italian television series starring Giuseppe Dave Seke, Haroun Fall and Beatrice Grannò. It was released internationally on Netflix on April 21, 2021. On September 17, 2021, the series was canceled after one season.

How many episodes of Zero are there?

Zero (2021 TV series)

Zero 0
No. of episodes 8
Executive producers Marco De Angelis Nicola De Angelis
Producer David Fischer

What country is below zero movie?

Below Zero (2021 film)

Below Zero
Distributed by Netflix
Release date 29 January 2021
Running time 106 minutes
Country Spain

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