Is wire cutter and wire stripper the same?

Is wire cutter and wire stripper the same?

A wire stripper is designed to remove the outer jacket, or insulation, of a wire but does not have the ability to cut the wire correctly. A wire cutter, on the other hand, has the ability to cleanly cut a wire leaving it prepped for stripping. The issue with a cutter, however, is that they cannot strip wires.

What is the use of wire crimper?

Wire Crimpers: Crimping is often used to affix a connector to the end of a cable. Wire crimpers look like a pair of pliers, but join two pieces of metal or other ductile materials (such as wire to a metal plate) together. A crimper deforms one or both of the pieces, which holds them together.

What are the different types of wire strippers?

Different Types Of Wire Strippers

  • Adjustable Wire Stripper: this type has a simple design, with a single notch in each blade.
  • Gauged Stripper: this is a very popular type since it is easy to use.
  • Self-adjusting Stripper: just like the name says, this stripper automatically adjusts to wires of different thickness levels.

What are crimper pliers?

Crimping Pliers are used to close 2mm-3mm crimp beads and crimp tubes smoothly and unobtrusively. Crimps are small beads or tubes used to hold wire or string ends firmly so that the design will not unravel and clasps can be attached.

What are the holes on wire cutters for?

They are used to cut small screws/bolts to length. To use them, simply thread the screw/bolt into the proper sized hole to the desired length, then squeeze the handles together. The screw/bolt will be trimmed, without damaging the threads.

What can I use as wire cutters?

Wire Cutter Substitutes

  • Hacksaw. A hacksaw has a thin metal blade roughly 12 inches long, supported on each end by a metal frame.
  • Tin snips. Tin snips has two sharp blades, with handles roughly 8 inches long.
  • Angle Grinder.
  • Reciprocating Saw.

What is the advantage of crimping?

The benefits of crimping over soldering and wire wrapping include: A well-engineered and well-executed crimp is designed to be gas-tight, which prevents oxygen and moisture from reaching the metals (which are often different metals) and causing corrosion.

Which tool is used to strip and cut wire?

Use the correct pliers or wire cutters for the job. Proper use of side cutting (lineman’s) pliers: Many applications including electrical, communications and construction work. Use to grip, splice or cut wires, and strip insulation.