Is there rabies in France?

Is there rabies in France?

Authorities in France have confirmed that France has regained its rabies-free status.

When was the last case of rabies in France?

The last human case of autochthonous rabies in mainland France was reported in 1924 and rabies was officially declared eliminated in non-flying terrestrial mammals in 2001. This status is being maintained by strong regulation measures and rigorous public health management systems [16].

Do French dogs have rabies?

According to the analysis of the partial sequence (800b) of the nucleoprotein gene, the most probable origin is Morocco, but further investigations are ongoing to confirm the exact area from which it originated. France has been free of rabies in companion animals since 2001.

Is there still rabies in Europe?

Currently, most European countries are considered free of classical rabies, with confirmed rabies cases restricted to bats (1). The first evidence of infected European bat was reported in 1954 in Germany (28).

How common is rabies in France?

In France, no human cases of rabies contracted on the mainland has been reported since 1924. In 2008, a human case linked to a virus very close to those circulating in blood-feeding bats in Latin America was confirmed in French Guiana. Human cases contracted outside France have also been diagnosed within the country.

Do cats in France have rabies?

The majority of France is rabies free, however, there have been cases of rabies since November 2007 and restrictions on the movement of dogs and cats not vaccinated against rabies may apply.

Do dogs need rabies vaccine for France?

This is because France requires dogs to be vaccinated against rabies, which can only be administered to dogs over the age of 3 months. You must then wait 21 days after the vaccination, before entering France.

Do bats in France carry rabies?

France has been officially free of rabies in non-flying mammals since 2001 [27]. However, rabies remains a public health concern because of the risk of importation of infected animals [27] and the natural circulation of rabies in bats. Each year, around 4000 patients receive a post-exposure treatment.

How common is rabies in Europe?

Epidemiology. Very few cases of rabies in humans are reported in the EU, and most EU Member States have not had autochthonous cases for decades. In 2011 and 2013 only one human case of rabies was reported in Europe.

What are the top 3 pets in France?

More than half of households in France have dogs, cats, fish or rodents. Fish are the most popular pet (36 million), with cats and dogs next, at 10.7m and 7.8m respectively. A quarter of homes have a dog and nearly a third at least one cat.

How much is a rabies vaccine in France?

Veterinary Bills in France

Cat Minimum Average
Booster Vaccination (rabies-free) €25 €57
Male Sterilization €32 €62
Female Sterilization €65 €117
Basic Consultation €20 €32