Is the i7 3820 Good?

Is the i7 3820 Good?

Unlike the relationship between the 3960X and 3930K, the 3820 is an entirely new die. There’s a small improvement in base clock frequency over the fastest SNB (3.6GHz vs. 3.5GHz) but max turbo remains unchanged at 3.9GHz….Intel Core i7 3820 Review: $285 Quad-Core Sandy Bridge E.

Processor Intel Core i7 3820
L3 Cache 10MB
Max Turbo 3.9GHz
Max Overclock Multiplier 43x
TDP 130W

What generation is the i7 3820?

Brand Intel
Series Core i7 3rd Gen
Name Core i7-3820
Model BX80619i73820

What chipset is the i7 3820?

X79 chipset
The Second Generation Sandy Bridge-E Intel Core i7 3820 has 4 physical processor cores that support Intel Hyper Threading technology, which allows the chip to run up to 8 threads at a time. The CPU itself is built for use on motherboards using Intel’s X79 chipset and LGA 2011 socket.

When did the i7 3820 come out?

The Intel Core i7-3820 is a desktop processor with 4 cores, launched in February 2012. It is part of the Core i7 lineup, using the Sandy Bridge-E architecture with Socket 2011.

Is i7-3820 unlocked?

Unlike Intel’s ‘K’ and ‘X’ series parts, the Core i7-3820 is not fully unlocked, featuring instead what the company calls “Limited Unlocked Core.” In the case of the 3820, we hit 4.3GHz as it’s possible to use a multiplier of up to 43x.

Does i7-3820 have HyperThreading?

Both are six-core CPUs operating over 3GHz with massive 15MB and 12MB L3 caches. At roughly half the price of the 3930K, we expected Intel to butcher the i7-3820, and while that’s partially true, the 3820 remains an impressive specimen with four cores operating at 3.6GHz, a 10MB L3 cache and HyperThreading support.

Can you overclock i7-3820?

Is the i7 3820 Overclockable?

Does the i7 3820 support Quad Channel?

Additionally, the i7-3820 supports quad-channel memory meaning users will be compelled to purchase four modules rather than just two.

Does i7 3820 have HyperThreading?