Is the Army getting rid of Cav Scouts?

Is the Army getting rid of Cav Scouts?

The U.S. Army has frozen plans to extend initial entry training for cavalry scout, combat engineers and military police soldiers in an effort to save money in its fiscal 2021 budget request.

How long is cav scout training?

Twenty-two weeks of One Station Unit Training. Some of it takes place in the classroom, but most of it will be spent primarily in the field. Whether it’s taking part in squad maneuvers, target practice or war games, cavalry scouts are constantly refining their skills to keep themselves sharp.

How fast does OSUT go by?

Current infantry OSUT, which combines the separate basic training and advanced individual training that most support MOSs go through, is 14 weeks long. Under this pilot program, which launches in July, it would go up to 22 weeks through the rest of the year.

Is cav scout a good MOS?

I believe the CAV Scout MOS would be great for someone who likes an adventure and risk. It would be great for someone who is sneaky and sly and likes spying on people and being secretive. First and foremost, a 19D is a CAV Scout. The CAV Scout is simply the commander’s ears and eyes on the battlefield.

How long is OSUT?

The new 22-week OSUT should begin in 2019, sometime between July and October. With the upcoming 22-week course, the Infantry School has already identified what new Soldiers will be part of the improved training, Hedrick said.

How long is OSUT for 19D?

OSUT for 19D, Cavalry Scout is 16 weeks Fort Benning, Ga.

How long is 11B OSUT?

13 weeks, 3 days
OSUT for 11B, Infantryman is 13 weeks, 3 days at Fort Benning, Georgia.

How long is 11c OSUT?

Twenty-two weeks of One Station Unit Training, which includes Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part in the field at Fort Benning, GA. Your skills are kept sharp with frequent squad maneuvers, target practice and war games.

How long is OSUT for 11B?

How long is 11X OSUT?

Individuals who enlist under the 11X Infantry option attend Infantry OSUT (One Station Unit Training), which combines Army Basic Training and Infantry AIT (Advanced Individual Training), all in one 14-week course.

How do cav scouts earn their Stetson?

The hat must be earned, normally at a Spur Ride. During the spur ride, troopers can earn their Stetson and spurs by completing a series of mental, physical and leadership tests. Each Cavalry Squadron does their own Spur Ride, and has their own customs and procedures for earning the hat.