Is Porcelanosa tile porcelain?

Is Porcelanosa tile porcelain?

Intrinsically associated with avant-garde porcelain and ceramic tile designs, Porcelanosa places special emphasis in large size wall tiles and floor tiles with rectified edges that offer our customers the advantages of tiles in terms of ease in maintenance and superior performance, with some of the most realistic …

Which tiles are best quality?

Affordability and durability make ceramic the ideal choice for any room in your home, including the bathroom, kitchen, and front entrance. Glazed ceramic tile offers more protection against stains or damage compared to wood, carpet, or even vinyl plank flooring.

Where are Porcelanosa tiles made?

Porcelanosa Group is a Spanish manufacturer, distributor and retailer of ceramic tiles….Porcelanosa.

Porcelanosa headquarters in Villarreal, Spain.
Type Private
Headquarters Villarreal , Spain
Area served 143 countries
Key people Manuel Colonques

How thick are Porcelanosa tiles?

Designed to cover facades, interior walls, or movable enclosures, this material’s versatility adapts each cut to the needs of each project with three different thicknesses: 3.5 mm, 6 mm, and 9 mm.

What is Porcelanosa tile made of?

porcelain clay
Though tiles were once made by hand and dried in the sun or fired in a small kiln, today’s tiles are created from super-fine porcelain clay and fired at very high temperatures, resulting in dense, tough tiles.

What is porcelanosa flooring?

Flooring. PORCELANOSA Group is a landmark company in the manufacture of ceramic flooring, both due to our advanced production techniques and the quality and versatility of our designs. Our flooring collections are inspired by natural materials, including the technical properties of ceramics.

What is porcelanosa made of?

Porcelain is made with clay that is finer grained and fired for longer and at high temperatures. The result is a durable, non-porous tile that’s impervious to water and excellent for outdoor spaces, kitchens and baths, and high-traffic areas of your home.

Why choose Porcelanosa?

Uncompromising on quality, PORCELANOSA’s workforce of almost 5000 skilled professionals, help produce, market and deliver tiles, kitchen and bathroom products to more than 400 company owned showrooms, distribution centres and an extensive network of independent distributors and retailers.

What kind of tiles are trending in interior design this season?

When you want to perfect your house and transform every corner into a unique space, the Venis brand from the PORCELANOSA Group recommends designing open spaces featuring seamless interior and exterior spaces joined with ceramic floor and wall tiles inspired by nature. Below, we list some of the tiles that will be trending this season.

What is the design of the Vela tiles?

TheVela ceramic collection in wall and floor tiles features the Tahití decoration in 45 cm x 120 cm format. Composed of 5 mm high polygons, this series is inspired by the range of colours found in cement while its interplay of volumes bestows a unified concept on the floors and walls.

What makes Venis magma black so special?

Inspired by the Marquina black marble, Venis reproduces the brilliance of this natural stone in its Magma Black collection. Its grey contrasts break with the homogeneous surface, bestowing an ancient character on each space. Svan captures the lustre of jet and injects it into 45 cm x 120 cm ceramic tiles.