Is it hard to get into a sorority at SMU?

Is it hard to get into a sorority at SMU?

Letters of Recommendation / RIFs – SMU has an extremely competitive recruitment process, and you absolutely need these if you plan to rush here. Important date to remember: most PNMs get these in over the summer, prior to the fall semester.

How many girls rush at SMU?

Traditionally, between 550-600 women will start the formal recruitment process. Historically, about 10 women unfortunately do not receive invitations back to future events during the week.

Is Greek life big at UVA?

At UVa, Greek life is big. 30-40 percent of the student body participates. Other popular groups are club sports, philanthropic organizations, tour guides, and a capella. One of the very popular things I’ve found at UVA is the music scene.

Are you guaranteed a bid at UVA?

At UVA, rushees are not guaranteed a bid from any specific house – nor are they guaranteed that their participation in recruitment will yield a bid at all. There are so many ladies that sign up each year, and a maximum amount of spots for incoming rushees.

How much are sorority dues at SMU?

Joining a Panhellenic sorority at SMU costs between SI ,500 and $ 1,800 the first pledge semester. Figure in three more years of dues and it’s around $6,000.

What should I wear to SMU rush?

Attire: Casual. Wear a white long-sleeve t-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes—there will be running! You will be given your new chapter’s jersey once you arrive at your new chapter house to put over your long-sleeve white t-shirt!

What percent of William and Mary is Greek?

Campus Life

Number of Student Run Clubs and Organizations 450+
Number of Social Fraternities and Sororities 33
Percent of Undergraduate Men who Join a Fraternity 32%
Percentage of Undergraduate Women who Join a Sorority 36%
Participation in Study Abroad More than 49% of undergraduates

Does UVA have fall rush?

There is a brief Informal Rush in September for men who are upperclassmen and/or transfers, as well as a Formal Rush in late January that is open to all undergraduate men. There are several parts to IFC Rush. “Open House” is a series of evening hours during which every IFC fraternity welcomes all rushees.