Is Ireland easy to travel?

Is Ireland easy to travel?

Ireland is an easy-going country to visit, but there are a few things to keep in mind when planning your Ireland itinerary. We have been to Ireland countless times at this point and have made countless mistakes.

What do I need to know before Travelling to Ireland?

10 absolutely essential things to know before visiting Ireland

  1. Ireland Will Become a Second Home.
  2. Ireland is Not a Place of Tourist Traps.
  3. Driving is Quite the Experience.
  4. Take a Guided Tour.
  5. The Food is Better Than What You Thought.
  6. The Weather is Unpredictable.
  7. Extend Your Time in Ireland.
  8. You Will Make Friends.

What is the best way to travel in Ireland?

Train travel is generally the fastest way to get around the country. Iarnr√≥d √Čireann (Irish Rail) (; 1850/366222 or 01/836-6222) operates the train services in Ireland. Most lines radiate from Dublin to other principal cities and towns.

Is Ireland cheap to travel?

So there you have it, Ireland has a reputation as one of the most expensive countries in Europe to visit but with a little research and planning it can actually be a very affordable place to take a vacation in!

Is Ireland a safe place?

Ireland is a very safe country to visit. Compared to other European countries, crime is relatively low and the crime that does happen is mostly fueled by alcohol, so you should avoid roaming along Ireland’s streets late at night.

Can I get around Ireland without a car?

Traveling by Bus By far, the most sensible, budget-friendly and convenient way to travel Ireland without a rental car is using the bus, in Dublin and nationwide. Cross country services are numerous and a variety of ticket options, though at times confusing, can make bus travel very economical.

Is food in Ireland expensive?

Ireland is the fourth-most expensive country in the EU for food and soft drinks, according to new Eurostat data. Irish food baskets cost 20 per cent more than the EU average in 2018, ranking the country fourth-highest for prices of food and non-alcoholic drinks.