Essay Tips Is a Shovelhead a good motor?

Is a Shovelhead a good motor?

Is a Shovelhead a good motor?

If you follow the specs in the book and use good quality parts and have your machine work done properly, the Shovelhead is as reliable as any other motorcycle, Otherwise, it will leave you by the side of the road every time.

How many cc’s is a Shovelhead?

Engine Size The 80-inch, 1,310-cc engine had a bore diameter of 3.498 inches and a stroke of 4.250 inches or 88.85 x 107.95 mm.

How much HP does a Shovelhead have?

Engine and Performance Produced only for 1977, 1978 and 1979, the Low Rider features a 74 cubic-inch, or 1,206 cc, four-stroke, 45-degree, air-cooled, V-Twin engine delivering 58 horsepower at 5,150 rpm with a top speed of 105.6 mph.

What year was the best Shovelhead made?

1978 Harley-Davidson 74-inch FLH Shovelhead. The Harley engineering department had always been ploddingly methodical, taking care of problems as they arose, never rushing to be the firstest with the mostest.

What is a 1982 Harley-Davidson FLH worth?


Excellent $16,775
Very Good $10,605
Good $7,545
Fair $5,645
Poor $4,265

How heavy is a Shovelhead motor?

Typically it weighs about 35-40g. Generally speaking, its general value is highly determined by the bike itself because it is heavier engine at each turn — at bajaj hz series’ the engine is heavier than the apache 160’s, even the one at the bajaj pulsar.

How heavy is a Shovelhead engine?

How long does a Harley engine last?

How Long Do Harley Engines Last? A Harley Engine is expected to last over 100,000 miles if the bike is well maintained as per Harley-Davidson’s suggested service schedule with fluids rotated regularly, if it’s stored and ridden responsibly, and if the motorcycle isn’t involved in any accidents.

How much does a Shovelhead frame weigh?

As to give you an idea how much it might weigh, a hardtail Paughco frame is roughly 50lbs. Shouldn’t be too far from it.