How true is the Military Wives Choir film?

How true is the Military Wives Choir film?

Are the characters in Military Wives based on real people? While the story the film is based on is real, its characters are fictional. Caroline Jopp was one of the original military wives back when the choir was first starting up, and like Kristin Scott Thomas’s character, was the wife of a commanding officer.

Is the song from Military Wives real?

Did the real Military Wives Choir make it to the top of the charts? Yes. The choirs featured in choirmaster Gareth Malone’s series The Choir released the single “Wherever You Are”. The song was created from bits of correspondence between the choir members and their significant others in Afghanistan.

Who trained the Military Wives Choir?

Produced by BMG and steered by three accomplished choral conductors – Hilary Davan Wetton, Will Dawes and Mark De-Lisser, the Military Wives Choirs’ beautiful collection of songs embodies the true spirit of Christmas – its religious significance, love, family and harmony.

Where was the original Military Wives Choir?

Faced with this unbearable stress, ten years ago a group of women vowed to support each other through song – and the first Military Wives choir was formed, on the Catterick Army base in North Yorks.

Did the Military Wives Choir write their own song?

“Wherever You Are” is a song written by Paul Mealor and performed by the Military Wives Choir, sung by ladies from Chivenor and Plymouth under the direction of Gareth Malone….Wherever You Are (Military Wives song)

“Wherever You Are”
Genre Choral
Length 2:51
Label Decca
Songwriter(s) Text of assorted letters set to music by Paul Mealor

Where are the Military Wives Choir now?

Sharon Bristow, 44, co-founder of the Military Wives Choirs charity, lives in North Devon with husband Eric, 55, a Royal Marine. They have two children, William, 13, and Isabelle, nine.

Who can join the Military Wives Choir?

The Military Wives Choirs is completely inclusive and open to any woman with a military connection – there are no auditions, and no previous singing experience is necessary.

How many Military Wives Choirs are there?

72 choirs
With 72 choirs and nearly 2,000 members in British military bases across the UK and overseas, the Military Wives Choirs is a charity that brings all women in the military community closer together and empowers them through singing.