How much is taxi from Belize airport to water taxi?

How much is taxi from Belize airport to water taxi?

Taxi cab from Belize International Airport to Belize City & Water taxi terminal $50bzd (20 – 45 minutes)

How long is the water taxi from Belize City to San Pedro?

about 1.5 hrs one
Book your water taxi tickets from Belize City to San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. The ferry ride takes about 1.5 hrs one way.

What should you avoid in Belize?

Violent crime – such as sexual assault, home invasions, armed robberies, and murder – are common even during daylight hours and in tourist areas. A significant portion of violent crime is gang related. Due to high crime, travelers are advised to exercise caution while traveling to the south side of Belize City.

Is San Pedro the same as Ambergris Caye?

Ambergris Caye, also called San Pedro after the only city on the island, borders Mexico. It is officially not an island but a peninsula, although you don’t notice much of that. You can reach Ambergris Caye by boat in 1.5 hours from Belize City. Read tip: fun things to do on Ambergris Caye!

How wide is Ambergris Caye?

about 1.6 kilometres
Ambergris Caye , pronounced /æmˈbɜːrɡrɪs ˈkiː/ am-BUR-gris KEE (Spanish: Cayo Ambergris), is the largest island of Belize, located northeast of the country’s mainland, in the Caribbean Sea. It is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) long from north to south, and about 1.6 kilometres (1 mi) wide.

How do you get to Ambergris Caye from mainland?

There are two ways of getting from mainland Belize out to the Cayes. The first and more exciting of the two options is to take one of the regional airlines, Tropic Air or Maya Island Air, from either the Belize City International Airport or the Belize City Municipal Airport on the small Cessna Caravan planes.

What airport do you fly into for Ambergris Caye Belize?

San Pedro Airport
By Plane — There are frequent daily flights between Belize City and San Pedro Airport (airport code SPR) on Ambergris Caye. Flights leave from both Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport and Municipal Airport several times an hour between 6:40am-9:10pm.