How much does Kelcy Warren make?

How much does Kelcy Warren make?

Kelcy Warren Net Worth : $ 2.7 Billion

Per Day: Per Hour: Per Second:
$ 1140 $ 19 $ 0.05

How did Kelcy Warren make his money?

Kelcy Warren cofounded pipeline company Energy Transfer with Ray C. Davis (now also a billionaire) in 1996. Warren’s fortune stems from publicly traded company Energy Transfer LP; he stepped down as CEO in October 2020 but remains executive chairman.

What does Kelcy Warren own?

He has been the co-chairman and co-CEO of Energy Transfer Partners since 2007. He also serves as member of the management council of ETP Enogex Partners LLC, co-CEO of ETC OLP, co-CEO and co-chairman of La Grange Energy and of US Propane LLC. He is a former co-chairman of Le Gp, OEC Compression.

How old is Kelsey Warren?

66 years (November 5, 1955)Kelcy Warren / Age

How many ET Shares does Kelcy Warren own?

Warren Net Worth. The estimated Net Worth of Kelcy L Warren is at least $1.38 Billion dollars as of 10 December 2021. Mr Warren owns over 16,109,139 units of Transfer LP stock worth over $1,377,211,836 and over the last 6 years he sold ET stock worth over $0.

How many shares of energy transfer does Kelcy Warren own?

That raises Warren’s ownership stake to about 260 million shares — worth more than $3 billion at Monday’s closing price.

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How much does the CEO of energy transfer make?

Compensation by Company

Name And Title Total Cash
Kelcy L. Warren Executive Chairman and former Chief Executive Officer Total Cash $6,392
Matthew S. Ramsey Chief Operating Officer Total Cash $723,390
Thomas E. Long Co-Chief Executive Officer and former Chief Financial Officer Total Cash $623,077

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Who is the CEO of Energy Transfer Partners?

Thomas E Long (Jan 1, 2021–)
Marshall S. McCrea III (Jan 1, 2021–)
Energy Transfer Partners/CEO