Essay Tips How many pages is the Fires of Jubilee?

How many pages is the Fires of Jubilee?

How many pages is the Fires of Jubilee?

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Pages: 208
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Is the Fires of Jubilee accurate?

nt of his main and most essential source, The Confessions, The Fires of Jubilee proves an unreliable piece of history. Oates still, is a commendable historian, however, this text is an example of a respectable historian’s weaknesses. Perhaps no one will ever really know what Nat’s childhood felt or looked like.

What kind of book is The Fires of Jubilee?

The Fires of Jubilee is an historic account of one of the most significant slave rebellions on American soil. Thanks to Oates exhaustive research, The Fires… provides a vivid portrayal of the gruesome deeds that Nat Turner and his band of brothers committed on that fateful day in August of 1831.

When was Fires of Jubilee written?

The Fires of Jubilee Book Review In 1975, prize-winning biographer Stephen B. Oates, wrote the Fires of Jubilee; Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion along with many of his thirteen published books and more than seventy articles.

Is the Fires of Jubilee a biography?

In TheFires of Jubilee, Stephen B. Oates, the award-winning biographer of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr., presents a gripping and insightful narrative of the rebellion—the complex, gifted, and driven man who led it, the social conditions that produced it, and the legacy it left.

Where did the Revolt take place Fires of Jubilee?

The Fires of Jubilee : Nat Turner’s Fierce Rebellion The story takes place in Southampton County, Virginia where little Nat Turner is introduced. Nat led a normal childhood for the most part, supervised by his beloved grandmother.

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How many slaves did Nat Turner free?

The Commonwealth of Virginia later executed an additional 56 enslaved people accused of being part of the rebellion, including Turner himself; many Black people who had not participated were also persecuted in the frenzy….Nat Turner’s slave rebellion.

Date August 21–23, 1831
Result Rebellion suppressed Nat Turner tried, convicted, and hanged.

What is the purpose of the Fires of Jubilee?

The Fires of Jubilee, is a well written recollection of the slave insurrection led by Nathaniel Turner. It portrays the events leading towards the civil war and the shattered myth of contented slaves in the South.

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