How long do Summary offenses stay on record in PA?

How long do Summary offenses stay on record in PA?

Five years
Expungement of Summary Offense Criminal Record Five years after receiving a summary offense conviction you can take legal action to have your charges and conviction expunged from your record. You can only do this if you have not been arrested during the last five years.

Is a summary offense considered a misdemeanor in PA?

A summary is not the same as a misdemeanor in Pennsylvania. A summary is considered a lesser or lower crime than a misdemeanor. In fact, a misdemeanor has three different degrees in Pennsylvania. A misdemeanor of the first degree may carry a sentence of imprisonment not more than five years in prison.

Is a summary conviction a criminal record?

Also, the Identification of Criminals Act does not include an authority to take fingerprints for summary conviction (minor) criminal offences. These types of convictions are not normally found on a criminal record and are only discoverable through a search of local police information (LPI).

What is meant by summary offense?

A summary offence or petty offence is a violation in some common law jurisdictions that can be proceeded against summarily, without the right to a jury trial and/or indictment (required for an indictable offence).

Is a summary offence a criminal record?

However, a successful conviction on a summary offence is still considered a criminal conviction, even if it was for impaired driving or DUI, or theft under $5000, and it can still have an impact on your life.

When can I get a summary offense expunged in PA?

five years
Pennsylvania law allows for the expungement of summary offenses IF the person “has been free of arrest or prosecution for five years following the conviction for that offense.” Basically, if a person has stayed out of trouble for five years, he or she is eligible to have a summary conviction expunged.

How much does expungement cost in PA?

Pennsylvania has expungement laws that help people who received a summary offense, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) or had an arrest that did not lead to a conviction. Expungement usually takes about 4 to 6 months. Attorneys typically charge between $700 to to $1000 to expunge your record.