How does C Spire fiber work?

How does C Spire fiber work?

C Spire Fiber Internet is a symmetrical gigabit internet connection, meaning you can get download and upload speeds up to 1Gbps (1,000Mbps). Typically, our customers can enjoy speeds in the 800-950Mbps range, which helps all your devices stay connected to some of the world’s fastest residential internet.

What is C Spire fiber?

C Spire Fiber offers internet service across 25 states with the greatest coverage in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Louisiana. Fiber-optic internet from C Spire Fiber is available to an estimated 1.6 million people, making it the 10th largest residential fiber provider in the U.S. by coverage area.

How does C Spire hotspot work?

C Spire provides a user guide to activate your iPhone Wi-Fi Personal Hotspot to tether your phone to another Wi-Fi enabled device and share the phone’s data connection. The $20 tethering pass for 1GB applies to all types of attempted tethering. Tap Settings > General > Network: • Tap Personal Hotspot and turn it on.

How much are C Spire data passes?

High-Speed Data Passes available – 2GB for $10 and 5GB for $20. Go to from your mobile device to purchase one.

Is C Spire internet good?

The analysis by Ookla1 determined that C Spire Fiber delivered the fastest average internet download speeds in Mississippi over all other providers, including its two main competitors, AT and Comcast Xfinity during the third quarter of 2020 – 100 % faster than AT and 25 % faster than Xfinity.

What is C Spire smart WiFi?

“Smart WiFi is advanced technology that gives our FTTH customers more control of their home internet experience and more coverage than ever before,” said Ashley Phillips, general manager of C Spire Home, noting that the service features Plume Adaptive WiFi™, parental controls, AI Security™ and HomePass®, which lets …

Who is C Spire owned by?

Telapex, Inc.
C Spire is owned by the holding company Telapex, Inc., which also owns Telepak Networks, Inc., and several smaller Mississippi telecoms….C Spire.

C Spire’s corporate headquarters in Ridgeland, Mississippi
Headquarters Ridgeland, Mississippi , United States

Is Hotspot free if you have unlimited data?

The answer was “no separate charge. You’re using your unlimited data”.

Is Cspire hotspot free?

Free to download, the C Spire WiFi On app runs in the background and automatically connects you to WiFi when it’s available. We built it to help you save data when you’re streaming and surfing. Plus, you get free access to 20 million hotspots across the world.

Does C Spire require credit check?

7 answers. Yes they run background check and credit check because most likely you will receive a corporate credit card.

Who towers do Cspire use?

C Spire’s infrastructure is based on a cell standard used by Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel, which now both have the iPhone, but it is not common in other countries. C Spire, formerly Cellular South, has a deal with Verizon so that customers who travel outside of its Mississippi home base can still make calls.

What is C Spire TV?

this is tv evolved. Watch all of your favorite shows without clunky cable boxes and their monthly fees. Stream your favorite shows, sports and movies from your favorite devices through the C Spire TV App. Rewind live shows up to 72 hours. Access your recordings on the go. All at the same time. *C Spire TV is only available in select areas.

Does C Spire fiber have data caps?

C Spire Fiber delivers gigabit internet with no data caps so your whole home can enjoy unlimited 4K streaming for sports, TV shows, movies and more. C Spire Fiber delivers gigabit internet with no data caps so your whole home can enjoy unlimited 4K streaming for sports, TV shows, movies and more. stay in the know.

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