How do you use hormuud on telecom?

How do you use hormuud on telecom?

Dial *770# from your mobile. Choose your secret 4-digits PIN. Re-enter your secret 4 digits PIN to confirm….First dial *770# then enter your secret 4-digits PIN, and you will see below-mentioned options:

  1. Balance query.
  2. Buy airtime recharge.
  3. Pay Bill.
  4. Transfer money.
  5. Mini Statements.
  6. Salaam Bank.
  7. Manage your accounts.
  8. Taaj.

How do I buy hormuud data?

Hormuud Mobile internet bundles

  1. Dial *450*Number.
  2. Select Amount.
  3. The choose 2 to confirm.

When was hormuud created?

Hormuud was established in 2002 in Mogadishu, Somalia with a group of small shareholders and 16 telecommunication sites.

Is there Internet in Somalia?

There were 1.95 million internet users in Somalia in January 2021. The number of internet users in Somalia increased by 329 thousand (+20%) between 2020 and 2021. Internet penetration in Somalia stood at 12.1% in January 2021.

How does EVC plus work?

EVC Plus allows users to purchase cellphone airtime for themselves or family members, pay water and electricity bills, and transfer money. It’s also designed so that users can set up automated payments, SMS reminders and financial reports without an internet connection.

How do I pay my hormuud Internet bill?

Prepaid (pay as you go) Hormuud Prepaid service offers options to pay-as-you-use. You simply need to top-up your account with Hormuud recharge vouchers/scratch cards, Evcplus to have free flow communication. We offer various recharge methods as well as recharge denominations that suit every budget.

How do I buy international minutes on hormuud?

Hormuud Telecom brings its customers amazing international package….Anfac International.

Price Package How To subscribe
$50 300 lN’T MIN Dial *127# Choose number 3 Then select number 5 Then select number 2

How do I get unlimited data on hormuud?

Hormuud Telecom makes it easy for you to buy internet bundle through EVC plus by following these instructions.

  1. Dial *720*Number*Amount#
  2. Enter 4 digits PIN to confirm.

How many employees does hormuud have?

The company operates numerous services that are used by a large number of Somalis, including its mobile money transfer service, EVC Plus. Hormuud provides the cheapest 4G mobile internet in Africa and in the Arab world….Hormuud Telecom.

Hormuud Telecom Logo
Type Private
Number of employees 20,000+ (2021)