How do you unlock stages in Mercenaries re6?

How do you unlock stages in Mercenaries re6?

Helena, Piers, and Sherry are unlocked by getting at least a B rank on the maps Urban Chaos, Steel Beast, and Mining the Depths respectively. Ada is unlocked by finishing her campaign and Carla is unlocked when all characters and Costume 1’s are unlocked.

How many missions does Resident Evil 6 have?

With 20 chapters to play through in the campaign, either solo or in cooperative mode, Resident Evil 6 is a really long experience.

How do you play Resident Evil Mercenaries mode?

To unlock Mercenaries Mode, you must beat the main game of Resident Evil Village first. Although eager players may be disappointed about having to wait, keep in mind it’s a free bonus mode for completing the main story. Additionally, playing Mercenaries Mode early may lead to spoilers of the main story.

How do you beat the boss in Resident Evil 6?

In order to defeat the giant creature, you have to wait until he goes down and then destroy his two orange blisters. One of his tentacles will fall off – you must avoid it. Run away from it as far as you can and wait until it explodes. After that your enemy should transform into still cocoon.

How do you get different stages in Mercenaries?

There you can unlock Mercenaries. After it’s unlocked you start Mercenaries Mode by going to Main Menu > Bonuses > The Mercenaries. Initially you will only have the first stage “The Village” available. To unlock new stages you must get A-Rank on the previous Stage (on first 4 Stages) or B-Rank (in the last 4 Stages).

Is Resident Evil 6 difficulty?

There are five difficulties in Resident Evil 6: Amateur, Normal, Veteran, Professional and No Hope. No Hope was added for free within the game’s December 2012 patch and is unlocked by default. This mode is comparable to Resident Evil 5’s Professional mode, enemies deal huge chunks of damage and ammo drops are rare.

How many stages are there in The Mercenaries?

eight stages
The Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil Village is a single-player post-campaign challenge made up of eight stages. In order to complete everything the mode has to offer, you need to achieve SS Rank or higher on every stage.

How do you unlock stages in Mercenaries?

To unlock new stages you must get A-Rank on the previous Stage (on first 4 Stages) or B-Rank (in the last 4 Stages). The exact score requirement for the ranks in each stage can be seen on the paper document in the starting room where the merchant is.

Why does Chris Redfield look different in re8?

It is worth noting that while his appearance may look different from the character model used in Resident Evil Remake onwards, it is actually the same design but was made older to depict natural aging.