How do you get Transnet tenders?

How do you get Transnet tenders?

Transnet does not have its own database of prospective suppliers. It makes use of National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD). In order to be eligible to participate in Transnet’s procurement processes, your company must be registered on the CSD. The CSD can be accessed on

How do I know if a Transnet tender is legit?

After receiving a request to submit a quotation or a tender, suppliers are encouraged to verify the authenticity of such requests on the following numbers on 011 584 0821, 011 584 9231 and 011 584 9230.

How do I register my Transnet database?

You are able to register your cv on the Transnet website….REGISTER YOUR CV

  1. Fill in all the required information including ID/Passport number and User Data.
  2. Make sure the email you provided is correct.
  3. Confirm that you accept Transnet’s Data Privacy Statement.
  4. Submit by clicking on “Register”.

How can I get tender certificate?

How can I find the right Tenders and make sure my Tender application are complete:

  1. Step 1: Find Government Tenders relevant to your business.
  2. Step 2: Ensure your business can complete the job.
  3. Step 3: Register on the Central Supplier Database (CSD)
  4. Step 4: Get the required Company Documentation in order.

What are the requirements to apply for a tender?

Which documents do I need to tender?

  • Standard Bidding Document 4 (SBD 4) – Declaration of interest. The declaration of interest records any existing relationship and/or acquaintance with the organ of state’s employees.
  • Standard Bidding Document 6.1 (SBD 6.1) – Preference Points.
  • B-BBEE Certificate.

How do I access my Transnet database?

To view transnet vacancies, you can explore their vacancies by logging on to: and registering as a candidate.