How do I set my SonicWall Point to Point VPN?

How do I set my SonicWall Point to Point VPN?

  1. Login to the Site B SonicWall appliance and Click Manage in the top navigation menu. Click VPN | Base Settings page and Click Add button.
  2. Click General tab. Select IKE using Preshared Secret from the Authentication Method menu.
  3. Click Network tab.
  4. Click the Proposals tab.
  5. Click Advanced tab.

Can we use VPN with firewall?

Unfortunately, it can’t block viruses, so it’s always good to pair a VPN with a firewall (and antivirus software). Companies usually use VPNs to let employees securely access remote servers from locations outside the office, while regular folks make use of VPNs when surfing the web in their coffee shop of choice.

How do I install SonicWall VPN client?

Click Install to install the Global VPN Client files on your computer….Navigate to the SonicWall VPN Clients page at

  1. Select Global VPN Client (GVC) at the top.
  2. Select the desired Version: GVC (32-bit) or GVC (64-bit).
  3. Click Download.

Is VPN before or after firewall?

VPN must be behind the firewall. The firewall is the computer protecting your entire network (including the VPN server) from the internet.

What port does SonicWall site-to-site VPN use?


Description Protocol Port number
VPN ESP (Protocol 50)
VPN UDP 4500
WAN Failover and Load balancing – Probing TCP 50000

Can VPNs bypass firewalls?

The most commonly used technology to bypass egress firewalls is Virtual Private Network (VPN). In particular, this technology is widely used by smartphone users that are affected by egress filtering; there are many VPN apps (for Android, iOS, and other platforms) that can help users bypass egress firewalls.

What type of VPN is SonicWall Global VPN client?

About SonicWall Global VPN Client The SonicWall™ Global VPN Client creates a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection between your computer and the corporate network to maintain the confidentiality of private data.