How do I label a disc?

How do I label a disc?

Ways of Labeling

  1. Marker Pens. The fastest and easiest way of labeling a disc is writing on it with a marker.
  2. Adhesive Labels. A more attractive way to label a disc is to print a label on special paper with a printer and apply it to the disc.
  3. HP Tattoo.
  4. Labels on Rolls.

What is the thing called that you put discs in?

An external writable CD drive, also called a CD burner, lets you take music or data files from your computer and make your own CDs.

How are discs read?

The CD drive shines a laser at the surface of the CD and can detect the reflective areas and the bumps by the amount of laser light they reflect. The drive converts the reflections into 1s and 0s to read digital data from the disc.

What is a Digibook?

Digibook: “A bounded booklet usually in hardcover with a sleeve bound to the spine of the book that houses a CD.”

How are CDs written?

A standard CD-ROM disc is written by burning pits into a metallic or glass strata. A CD-R disk, however, is coated with a photosensitive organic dye that has the same reflective properties of a new CD disc. When a CD-R laser burns data into the CD-R media, it heats the gold layer and the dye layer beneath.

What do I read CDs on DVD?

In the simplest terms, an optical drive is the piece of hardware that lets a device read and interact with a disc. These discs can be CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, game discs, and more. All optical drives are based on the same fundamental technology.

How are pits and lands encoded on writable discs?

During burning process, as per the data (binary values) the Write Laser bounces the light beam over the CD surface and creates a series of pits on it. When you play the CD, the Read Laser bounces the light beams (not capable to modify the surface of CD) on the surface and detects the pits and lands.