How do I get unit outlines UWA?

How do I get unit outlines UWA?

If you require more detailed information, you can request the complete unit outlines for units from 1998 from your Student Advising Office via AskUWA; or. Request photocopies of the Handbook unit descriptions for units from 1964 – 1997 from Student Administration (at a cost of $1.00 per page)

What happens if you fail a unit at Uni UWA?

If you have failed a unit you will need to adjust your study plan to complete your course. This may extend the time needed to complete your course or you may be able to make up the failed unit by taking a unit during the UWA Summer School or another non-standard teaching period.

What is a unit UWA?

A unit is a component of study focused on a particular subject or topic. Units are normally worth 6 credit points and involve 150 hours of student workload (including contact hours, personal study and exams).

How do I withdraw from a unit UWA?

Process to Withdraw Online:

  1. Log on to your studentConnect.
  2. Under the ‘COURSE DETAIL’ menu, select ‘Online Enrolment’
  3. Click ‘Begin online enrolment’
  4. Select ‘Units’ from the navigation icons on the right hand side.
  5. Click the ‘Discontinue’ option next to the unit/s you would like to withdraw from.

Can I do 3 units at UWA?

24 points / 4 units per semester = standard full-time (100% study load) 18 points / 3 units per semester = full-time (75% study load)

Can you repeat a unit UWA?

Repeating units (1) Unless the relevant faculty or board decides that there are sound academic reasons for a student to do so, the student must not enrol in a unit with the same content, or substantially the same content, as the content of a unit that they have previously passed or had credited towards their course.

Can you do 5 units UWA?

In UWA courses a standard full-time enrolment is 24 credit points (4 units) per semester, or 48 credit points (8 units) per academic year.

What are broadening units?

Broadening units are units of study outside your degree-specific major sequence (excluding also Foundational Units and Bridging Units). Previously, broadening units had Category A status or Category B status, and were related to ‘Knowledge Areas’, but these categories and requirements no longer apply.

Can I drop a unit UWA?

You can withdraw from a unit in a number of ways depending on when in the teaching period you wish to withdraw. Up until midnight on the Census Date for the teaching period of the unit. You can withdraw online via studentConnect.

Can I repeat a unit UWA?