Can you replace the globe on a ceiling fan?

Can you replace the globe on a ceiling fan?

Changing the globes in the light fitting of a ceiling fan is a straightforward procedure. The globes in a fan can usually be changed to fit either energy saving halogen, compact florescent lamps (CFL) or LED globes.

Can I replace the light cover on my ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans often come with a mounting flange beneath the fan motor that can accommodate an optional light kit. In many cases, you can replace the light kit that accompanied the ceiling fan with a different style of light.

What are the lights on a ceiling fan called?

Downlights are typically included with a fan, but can also be purchased separately to be added to an existing fan. Ceiling fans with downlights are best used in areas that require bright and direct light, like kitchens & laundry rooms.

How do you measure a replacement globe for a ceiling fan?

Measure the fixture or cup size for the globe with a tape measure. Start at the center diameter of the cup and measure from the outside edge to the outside edge. This will be the diameter of the replacement globe.

Can you replace LED lights in ceiling fans?

Ceiling fans with user-replaceable LEDs Because the lights on these units have an isolated driver, anyone can replace them. The lights panels for these fans are specific to the exact model, and they are listed as accessories on the listings for their fans.

Can you use LED lights in ceiling fans?

You can certainly use LEDs in a ceiling fan as long as it’s attached to a toggle switch or has a pull chain design. Choosing LED bulbs might also allow you to have a brighter fixture, so that’s another great reason to make the switch.

How do you measure a ceiling light for a globe?

To get the correct size, stick the tape measure down the opening at the bottom of the globe. This will give you a correct length. Next, measure across the top of the opening to determine the width of your opening. After that, you will want to determine what type of opening you have.

Do they make LED lights for ceiling fans?

LED bulbs are rated to last years and can be a great long term cost saver as you have to change the light bulbs less frequently. Since they use significantly less wattage, using an LED bulb in your ceiling fan will also lower energy costs. Below are the best LED bulbs for ceiling fan lights by base size.