Can you buy a 2022 Tacoma with a manual transmission?

Can you buy a 2022 Tacoma with a manual transmission?

Which Toyota Tacoma models have a manual transmission? Not every 2022 Tacoma can come equipped with a manual transmission, which is a slight disappointment. But, three models do offer a six-speed manual transmission. Both the Tacoma TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, and Tacoma TRD Pro can come outfitted with a manual.

Is a manual or automatic Tacoma better?

Toyota sells WAY more automatic transmissions in their Tacomas, so finding a manual in a desirable trim is difficult. The automatic transmission returns better fuel economy too. It gets a combined 20 mpg vs. 18 mpg for the manual.

Are automatic Tacomas reliable?

RepairPal gives the Toyota Tacoma a reliability rating of 3.5 out of 5. They gave the rating based on the frequency and severity of the repairs. The Tacoma has a low reliability and is 7th out of 7 for mid-sized trucks.

Does Toyota still make manual transmission tacomas?

The 2022 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro with a six-speed manual transmission starts at $47,150 including a $1,215 destination charge, which is an increase of $1,610 over the 2021 model. If you opt for the six-speed automatic transmission, expect to pay $49,855. The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is an old truck.

Is the manual Tacoma worth it?

Yes, you can row the gears yourself and shift at whatever rpm you desire, but the gear ratios are long as is the stick shift throw. Having driven a 2021 Tacoma with a manual and automatic transmission, I can personally say that having the manual transmission only makes normal driving feel only slightly sportier.

Can you get a Toyota Tacoma with a manual transmission?

Toyota’s Tacoma pickup has always been available with a manual transmission, in addition to the automatic, of course.

What percent of Tacomas are manual?

Approximately 5% of all Tacoma pickups are sold with a manual transmission each year. Those wanting a manual transmission are currently limited to only one trim model, which is the 4×4 TRD. When buying a TRD with a manual transmission, know that the six-foot bed is no longer an option.