Can I use TradePoint card at Screwfix?

Can I use TradePoint card at Screwfix?

Tradepoint is Screwfix. Just branded as ‘trade’point to attract new customers to B & Q. The supermarkets have been doing it for ages with ‘finest’ or ‘value’ ranges.

Can you use B&Q TradePoint card at Screwfix?

B&Q tradecounters and screwfix use the same catalogue. They are the same company.

What trade discount do you get at Screwfix?

They give you time to carry out the work without having to pay up front so have time to fit the items, get paid for it before having to pay for them. If it is reputable ‘Trade Counter’ you will be getting lots of discount, mine varies between 60% and 10% depending upon the item.

Are TradePoint and B&Q the same company?

TradePoint is B&Q’s trade-only arm and offers trade prices on a large range of the trusted brands used by professionals on a daily basis. There are branches located throughout the UK supplying all the products needed for your building and maintenance needs.

Can anyone use TradePoint?

And it’s free. All you have to do is prove you’re in the trade and you’re in. You just need two forms of ID like a business card, letter head or another of the approved list of ID’s we accept and you’re ready to get signed up in-store or online. Sign up to TradePoint in-store at hundreds of locations nationwide.

How do you use TradePoint?

How to use Scanners in TradePoint

  1. Go to Scanner Menu.
  2. Select Pattern Type from Pre-defined pattern or User Defined System.
  3. Select Market and list of patterns from available list.
  4. Select stock group from the available list.
  5. Select Boxvalue, Reversal value and scan it to avail list of stocks .

Can I use my B&Q staff discount card at screwfix?

No discount at screwfix however they can get discount in store…. dissapointing. Also there is no such thing as Store team bonus during the year anymore. You get a 20% discount unless it’s a head office promotion then you pay the price which is still a good deal even without the discount.

Is screwfix monthly pay?

It’s monthly on the last working day of each month……and often incorrect. Monthly pay every last day of the month!

What are the benefits of a Screwfix trade account?

Accepted at over 772 Screwfix locations and over 300 Trade Point locations and online….Apply today and get:

  • Up to 60 days free credit.
  • No annual fee.
  • Flexible credit Limits.
  • Extra cards for employees.
  • Monthly statements.
  • VAT approved itemised invoices*

Can anyone go to TradePoint?

Can I order from TradePoint?

Home delivery. At TradePoint we offer standard delivery, large delivery and bulk delivery services to help you get everything you need for your DIY project, direct to your door.

Can you order from TradePoint?

The TradePoint order line makes it easy for you to place your orders to site over the phone. We’ve answered your most popular questions about the service here.