Can a chain saw cut concrete?

Can a chain saw cut concrete?

Concrete chain saws can cut concrete, brick, tile, rebar, flooring, walls. One benefit to concrete chain saws is that they use diamond-studded chains which do not cut as much as they grind through the concrete.

How much does a concrete chainsaw cost?

However a handheld 14” cut-off saw ($699-$1199) can only cut into material with a depth of 5”. The smallest (& cheapest) diamond chainsaw 680ES-12 ($1399) can actually cut a full 12” depth of concrete and these saws can go all the way up to 25” cutting depth.

What should you not cut with a chainsaw?

Don’t Cut With a Dull Blade Cutting with a sharp blade actually extends the life of your chain saw. That’s because a sharp blade pulls itself into the wood, while a dull blade requires lots of downward pressure. That pressure wears out the bar, drive links, clutch sprocket and clutch.

What is a concrete ring saw?

The Concrete Ring Saw Blade lets you cut 10″ deep in concrete, brick, block, and stone, twice as deep as standard 14″ saw blades. Its greater cutting depth can reduce excavation of buried pipes and conduits as well as increase your safety and profits.

Can concrete chainsaw cut rebar?

The hydraulic-powered Lynx LCC31 concrete cutting chainsaw from Stanley Hydraulic Tools will cut concrete (wire or rebar reinforced), brick, block, masonry and stone. It can cut square corners for openings and wall cut-outs, as well as plunge cut into walls and make full-depth cuts at one pass.

How do you cut an electric trench in concrete?

Using a concrete wet saw with a diamond blade cut along the marked concrete. After cutting, use a sledgehammer to break the concrete strip carefully and remove the pieces of concrete produced while cutting.

Can a chainsaw cut through brick?

Diamond Chainsaws for Concrete, Masonry & Stone. A Diamond chainsaw provides the user with the ability to make deep cuts with square corners and no overcut. The saws can cut reinforced concrete, brick, block and natural stone.