Are thick film resistors good for audio?

Are thick film resistors good for audio?

Don’t use thick film types in the output stages for measuring cathode currents ; fixed bias etc …they can’t take impulse currents, esp leakage inductance spikes and will eventually go high without displaying any discolouration signs. The only solution is high spec wirewound.

What type of resistors are best for audio?

Wirewound resistors are the best choice for noise, followed by metal film, metal oxide, carbon film, and lastly, carbon composition. However, wirewound resistors are not readily available in large resistance values, and are usually inductive, which can cause instability problems in some cases.

What are audio grade resistors?

Dayton Audio’s “audio grade” resistors handle all the power found in crossover networks, while maintaining their precision values and low-noise characteristics.

What is the difference between a thick and thin film resistor?

Thin film resistors have a metallic film that is vacuum deposited on an insulating substrate. Thick film resistors are produced by firing a special paste, which is a mixture of glass and metal oxides, onto the substrate. Thin film is more accurate, has a better temperature coefficient and is more stable.

Which resistor is good in radio amplifier applications?

Film Resistor Metal Film Resistors
Film Resistor Metal Film Resistors have much better temperature stability than their carbon equivalents, lower noise and are generally better for high frequency or radio frequency applications.

Are metal oxide resistors good for audio?

You can find metal films in 1% tolerance so the amps with those are very consistent in sound from amp to amp. Most metal film, wirewound and metal oxide resistors are flame proof so are safe to use in power resistor applications. They cost more than carbon film but are well worth it.

Are metal oxide resistors noisy?

Metal oxide resistors can withstand higher temperatures than carbon or metal film resistors. The noise properties are similar to carbon resistors.

What is metal film resistor?

Metal film resistors have a thin metal layer as resistive element on a non-conducting body. They are among the most common types of axial resistors. Other film type resistors are carbon film and thick and thin film resistors. In most literature, the term “metal film resistor” implies it is a cylindrical axial resistor.

Which are the best resistors?

The best resistors you can get

  • The Bourns CRT series resistor. Vishay Precision Group offers a number of precision resistors (way too many, I would think).
  • The Vishay Precision group Z-Series resistor.
  • The Caddock through-hole precision resistor.