Are Essay Writing Services Safe?

Students often have to write an essay, but not everyone has the time and opportunity to do it on their own. In this case, they often turn to the essay writing service for help.

Ensuring the security of the site is important not only in order to get a quality unique essay but also in order not to give your money to fraudsters. Since these services are really popular among students, it is worth understanding whether these services are safe for customers.

Quality of service

The reliability of the services can be assessed by the quality of the essay that you provide. Since students seek help in such services precisely in order to get good quality work. It often happens that instead of the expected result you get something else. For example, you indicated a specific style of essay and also indicated a specific essay topic, but in the end, you get something wrong.

In order to avoid such unforeseen problems, you should check with the person responsible for your assignment, what guarantees he or she can provide you, and whether he or she can correct the essay in case of your additional questions and demands.


Many sites resort to petty fraud in order to save their time and thereby earn more money. It may happen that you pay the service for a completely new unique essay, but at the same time get a completely different non-unique essay. How can this happen? Many sites resell essays, in particular, this applies to those essays whose topic is quite common among students’ requests.

Service workers violate the rights of customers and secretly resell their documents to other customers. You may be affected in different situations, either your essay will be sold to someone else, or someone’s essay will be sold to you.

Customer service

Before sending a request with a task to a service, you should read the reviews about this site and also see if there is a customer support service on the website that you can contact in any situation. For you, this is an important criterion, since many services do not even respond to clients when they complain about a finished essay. You should not seek help from the service where your rights will not be protected and you will not be able to claim a refund.

Compliance with deadlines

Always specify the time frame in which you can get a ready essay. Even if you order an essay that should be written in the shortest possible time, it should in no way affect the quality of the result. A writer may agree to write an essay even in one day in order to receive a large payment from you for this task, but in the end, you will receive a poor quality paper.

If the essay you need is not urgent, then indicate to the writer the final terms, when he or she should send it to you. It may happen that if you do not make sure of the security of this service, you will lose precious time and money.


In the event that you are an active user of the Internet, then you can agree that advertising websites are very popular and common today. Many bloggers advertise essay writing services on their accounts, although in fact they never even used their services, and that is, they recommend unchecked services to their readers and viewers. Before clicking on a link and asking for help from a website that was advertised by a blogger or advertising was placed on a website, you should ask your friends and acquaintances if they used this service and what results they received.

Service rating

When you look for the information you need, it is always displayed to you as the popularity of these services. But do not rush to immediately follow the first links and be sure that this is where they will give you qualified services. You should read user comments about this site, and also pay attention to how long this service has been on the market and whether it has a sufficient customer base.

To sum up, in the event that the service for some reason does not inspire confidence in you, then you are not recommended to use their services, it is better to spend more than half an hour and find the service that you will be 100% sure of. In no case do not get fooled by a bright picture and a lot of promises, but always pay attention to the smallest details and assess the situation sensibly.