The New York Times
Review: ‘The Grand Paradise’ Summons a ’70s Pleasure Palace

By Ben Brantley Review | February 1, 2016

"Using the ’70s as a time frame turns out to have been an inspired idea... 'The Grand Paradise,' the latest and lushest of the many immersive theater spectacles to set up camp in New York in recent years, traffics in instant nostalgia. Created by Third Rail Projects, this interactive tour of an imaginary Floridian pleasure palace from the 1970s manages to summon romantic promise and regretful retrospection in a single, ocean-air breath."

Time Out New York
The Grand Paradise

By Adam Feldman | Review | February 2, 2016

" the piece is a captivatingly sensual interactive adventure…This escapist world is our oyster, where each grain of sand in an hourglass has a shot at becoming a pearl.”

Brooklyn Magazine
The 100 Most Influential People in Brooklyn Culture

By Brooklyn Magazine |March 1, 2016

"That Brooklyn has an abundance of creatively minded and culturally significant residents is not really news—this has long been the case. Now though, the borough feels more than ever like a cultural nexus, wherein once marginalized voices and outsider perspectives are now a major part of our cultural conversation. And so what better time to celebrate some of the many people who are shaping Brooklyn culture today, those people responsible for the words we want to read, the films we want to see, the music we want to hear, the art we want to experience, the spaces we want to inhabit. Everyone on this list creates, directs, or provides a platform for the type of work that continues to make Brooklyn not just culturally relevant, but culturally vital. And we thank them for it."

The Grand Paradise

by Simone Boyce | Feature | November 17, 2016

"At the Grand Paradise, you are the story and the storyteller, relying on instinct and intrigue to navigate a tangled web of distant memories and far-off fantasies."

American Theatre Magazine
Aroma-turgy: What’s Smell Got to Do With It?

By Mark Blakenship | Feature | February 24, 2016

"...The show is created to make audience members feel like protagonists, which is why everyone has the freedom to explore and interact with it on their own terms. That’s why we go through the trouble to find these things that trigger memory and trigger a personal response. There’s been a fascination with seeing if there’s a way to create some part of an emotion in a theatrical experience—if there’s some way to take you back to what you felt like in a particular moment. And smell is a big part of that.” – Mark Blankenship/Jennine Willett, American Theatre magazine


American Theatre Magazine
A Sense of the Space: Where Dance/Theatre Leads Us

By Rob Weinert-Kendt | Feature | February 23, 2016

Asbury Park Press
'The Grand Paradise' an essential, theatrical escape

By Alex Biese | Review | February 19, 2016

"Every audience member's visit to The Grand Paradise" is different; as a work of immersive, dance-based theater, it requires the guests to make their own way, following characters and story threads that pique their interest. In the show's two hours, there are any number of sights to be seen, events to experience and interactions to be had — and it would take a few visits to get the full picture.”

Manhattan Digest
Transform Yourself With The Grand Paradise

By David Baxter | Review | February 16, 2016

"I realize I’ve only seen two Third Rail Productions, but I’ve come out of both feeling so incredibly connected and engaged with that I immediately wanted to turn around and go back in, just to recapture that feeling… The long and short of all this is, should you see The Grand Paradise? Very much yes. Go, and go with an open mind, and a readiness to engage and explore and flirt. If your night was anything like mine, it will be a highly rewarding and transformative experience.” 

New York Live
The Grand Paradise

By New York Live | Review | February 9, 2016

“… A wild immersive theater experience, probably like nothing you’ve ever seen before… What happens at The Grand Paradise stays at The Grand Paradise”

The Huffington Post
You'll Have a Grand Old Time: 'The Grand Paradise'

By Bess Rowen | Review | February 8, 2016

"This was by far my favorite aspect of The Grand Paradise: the intimate scale of the performance, which allows for a deeper engagement and more communal experience… I know I'm likely to search for paradise again, and I can assure you that you'll have a grand time if you do the same. I also look forward to seeing what Third Rail Projects will do next, as it's high time someone took a more nuanced look at immersive theatre.”

#LivelikeGold in February

By Adam Aleksander | Review | February 5, 2016

"Third Rail Projects has delivered yet another fantastically liminal experience… you’ll leave The Grand Paradise wanting more, but that’s very much the point. We’re always left wanting, desperate to shed our skins and blossom into something more than we believe we are. Paradise will give you a taste of that freedom, but your ticket only covers two hours of escape. The wistful bitterness of the return home is a testament to the show’s strange power.”

Bedford + Bowery
Shake Off the Winter Blahs and Jet to This Grand Paradise of Immersive Theater

By Kavitha Surana | Review | February 5, 2016

 "A step beyond what other immersive shows usually offer...a disorienting, entertaining escape, one that playfully blurs the lines between performance and reality.” 

TDF Stages
A Virtual Vacation of Desire and Death

By Raven Snook | Review | February 2, 2016

"Like the theatre company's long-running, Alice in Wonderland-inspired 'Then She Fell', its new interactive show takes place in a multilayered fantasyland where all of your senses are stimulated -- yes, even taste, touch, and smell. However, 'The Grand Paradise' is produced on a much grander scale, with 60 audience members and 20 performers frolicking in a late-'70s, hedonistic, tropical resort where adventures and awakenings await. And, in large part, you determine your own fate.”

The Huffington Post
Theater: Almost 'Paradise;' Awkward 'Affair'

By Michael Glitz Review | February 1, 2016

“… it shows that whatever era you're living in, moments of true intimacy are rare and precious and best appreciated quietly, one on one, with the curtains drawn."

‘The Grand Paradise’ the latest immersive theater experience

By Matt Windman | Review | January 31, 2016

"extremely impressive in the scope of its detail.”

NBC New York
In Bushwick, Inhibitions (and Clothes) Fall Away

By Robert Kahn | Review | January 31, 2016

"Theatergoers are alternately voyeurs and participants in the family’s dark or erotic altercations.”

The Wall Street Journal
From Brooklyn Warehouse to ’70s Tropical Resort

By Darryn King | Feature | January 28, 2016

"Since Third Rail began creating site-specific and site-adaptive work in 2006, their productions have been inextricably tied to the spaces in which they are performed… [The artistic directors] and the rest of the creative team have been able to fine-tune every aspect of the experience.”

The New York Times
Immersive Theater’s Next Stop: A Sexy ’70s Fantasy Island

By Diep Tran | Feature | December 27, 2015

"Third Rail is leaving behind the Victorian era of 'Then She Fell' and transporting audiences to more recent times: a hedonistic Florida resort in the late 1970s that may or may not contain the Fountain of Youth. There they will be guided through the kind of curated one-on-one interactions that make 'Then She Fell' popular, while also having the freedom to choose their own scenarios."

Dance Magazine
Welcome to Paradise

By Brian Schaffer | Feature | December 2015 Issue

"Though it feels spontaneous, it also always feels like you’re exactly where you should be. The Grand Paradise will maintain this strategic intentionality, but dials up the audience agency."

Commercial Observer
Interactive Theatre With Human-Sized Aquarium Coming to Bushwick

By Liam La Guerre | Feature | December 5, 2015

"Brooklyn-based experiential dance theater company Third Rail Projects is capitalizing on the current success of Then She Fell in Williamsburg, which allows the audience to be more involved in the show, and is bringing that concept to Bushwick with a new act."

The New York Times
Review: In Third Rail Project’s ‘Genuine Plastic Reliquaries,’ All the City’s a Stage

By Ben Brantley | Review | April 17, 2015

“[The dancers] made good on these implicit invitations by stretching, folding and curving themselves (together and separately) into poses of languor, excitement, giddiness and loneliness, while passers-by looked on and looked away.”


The New York Times
Picnic Tables for Dancing, Bookcases for Naps

By Helene Stapinski | Feature | June 19, 2014

"A “family” of six is dancing in sync on the picnic table in the yard. Inside, a man and a woman are lying in fetal positions on the built-in bookshelves; and upstairs, another couple are practicing some moves inside a large closet." "Eventually (though not this summer) the outside performance will meet the inside performance in an overall project called [The Grand Paradise]"